Arizona Girl

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    Arizona Annie is a western crimefighter

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    A western hero with an attitude and a gun, Annie was one of the few female heroes of her time, but had a solid reputation as one of the fastest draws with a gun in the Wild West. Annie often shared adventures with other cowboys, such as Slim. Though attracted to him, she does not develop a romantic relationship with him, most likely because Annie doesn't want to settle down, get married, and become just another wife. When confronted with a large crowd of courtiers, she punches some and shoots off their suspenders, a typical response to trouble. She tends to shoot a lot of inanimate objects when people misbehave. During her career as a Cowgirl, Annie came into contact with many other western heroes, such as the cowboys Two-Gun Kid and Kid Colt.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Marvel Zombies

    She recently made an appearance in the Marvel Zombies 5 mini-series. A time-traveling Machine Man and Howard the Duck go back in time, to the time when Annie lived. After a shooting in the Wild West involving Zombies, Annie decides to team up with the strange pair. She however returns to her daily routine after the two and another cowgirl named Swift Cloud disappear into thin air.


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