Character » Arize appears in 42 issues.

    Arize is the only mutant of the Spineless Ones. Due to his mutation, he has a more humanoid appearance than his brethren.

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    Brief History

    The Spineless Ones had no success in anything from culture to technology due to their lack of a spinal cord, and they were driven insane by the TV images projected into their minds. That changed when Arize was born. As a result of his mutation, Arize's body appeared more humanoid - with a fully developed spinal cord, and even actual hair! However, his most important mutation was less obvious - he was not plagued by the TV images in his head, which made him sane.  

    Arize used his gifts to create artificial spinal cords for his kind, but there were those who rejected them. As a result, Arize created walking platforms, which many Spineless Ones came to use and rely upon. One of the many was  Mojo, the totalitarian ruler of the Mojoverse

    Due to his insanity and obsession with television, Mojo wanted to create “shows” in which the actors participating would actually suffer danger. When at first Mojo could find no one insane enough to become an “actor” in his creations, he turned to Arize - who created a race of slaves to participate in Mojo’s movies. Among the many slaves he created were  Quark Longshot, and  Shatterstar. He also engineered Spiral from an Earth human. What Mojo nor anyone else expected was that Arize possessed a benevolent spirit. He gave all of his creations free will so they could overthrow Mojo and his tyranny.  When confronted by Longshot, Arize revealed that he based his slave race on the “demons” the Spineless Ones spoke of - these demons being humans of the 616 reality, who could be seen though the television waves scattered across the warp time of the Mojoverse. 

    Once the Spineless Ones discovered this, they demanded Arize build a weapon for them to conquer the world of the “demons.” He refused, and was exiled as a result.


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