Aristotle Rodor

    Character » Aristotle Rodor appears in 81 issues.

    He is the creator of pseudoderm, and a friend and mentor to both Vic Sage and Renee Montoya.

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    "The rituals of civilization. We each of us evolve our own rites of reassurance" -- Aristotle Rodor.

    A child prodigy with a particular facility for science and invention, Aristotle Rodor parlayed his natural intelligence into a career as a researcher and professor. He and his colleague Arby Twain worked together to develop pseudoderm, a product initially intended for use as a bandage. When they discovered that pseudoderm was actually toxic on open wounds they agreed to discontinue it, though Twain secretly began marketing it to Third World countries. Learning of this, Rodor enlisted the help of former student Charles Victor Szasz, now an investigative journalist, to investigate and expose Twain. He gives Szasz the pseudoderm to disguise his face, helping to give birth to the vigilante the Question.


    Aristotle Rodor was created by Steve Ditko. He technically made his first appearance in Blue Beetle #1, but made his first true appearance in The Question #1, written by Dennis O'Neil and illustrated by Denys Cowan.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Question

    Rodor remains a friend and confidante of the Question, aiding and supporting him during his efforts to expose crime and corruption in Hub City.


    After the Question is diagnosed with lung cancer, Rodor works to cure him, and he and Richard Dragon are able to prolong Question's life for some time. He travels to Nanda Parbat, where Question and his protégé Renee Montoya bring him the Book of Crime, which he translates. Following Question's death he outfits Montoya with the chemicals that Question had previously used.


    Rodor takes on the job of mentoring Montoya, who has now taken on the mantle of the Question, despite his personal struggle with the deep mourning the death of his friend has sent him into.

    Blackest Night

    During the Blackest Night, Rodor becomes obsessed with using the apparent reversal of death to further scientific understanding of death. When the risen Question arrives he seeks to have his questions answered, but Question toys with him and attacks him, Montoya, and Lady Shiva. Rodor is able to escape by letting go of his emotions for Question.

    Powers and Abilities

    Rodor has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is incredibly intelligent, with a particular knowledge in chemistry and philosophy. He is a gifted inventor.


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