Arisen Tyrk

    Character » Arisen Tyrk appears in 25 issues.

    Arisen Tyrk is an extremely powerful sorcerer who uses both sorcery and science to rule Other-Realm.

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    Arisen Tyrk is an extremely powerful sorcerer who uses both sorcery and science to rule Other-Realm. He first desired the Godstone, which had bonded with John Jameson, Man-Wolf. As Harrisyn Tyrk, he hired Kraven the Hunter, who failed, and then tried to get at Jameson through his girlfriend Kristine Saunders and John's father, Jonah Jameson. Tyrk was defeated by Man-Wolf and Other-World rebels. Tyrk tried to stop Man-Wolf from leaving Other-World and blasted the portal back to Earth, damaging it. Man-Wolf was still able to return home using the Godstone. Beaten, Tyrk tried to follow through the portal, but the damaged portal split Tyrk into different realms and different beings. In Tunnelworld, fragments of Tyrk became the Nilffim Riders. On Earth he became Harrison Turk. This form retained most of Tyrk's memories, but little power. On Earth, other aspects of Tyrk became the Lunatiks, appearing during full moons and fighting crime, but seeing little difference between murderers and litterbugs.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Versus the Defenders

    The Lunatiks began a violent spree of crimestopping, which Valkyrie attempted to stop. The Lunatiks became obsessed with Valkyrie. With the aid of the Defenders, Valkyrie tried to stop them, but one Lunatik escaped. At a party, Harrison Turk was accused of being Lunatik and Turk stormed off. Valkyrie followed after him and encountered Lunatik. She sent for Hellcat and Nighthawk. All three captured a Lunatik letting them know there was more than one. Then Harrison Turk turned himself in confessing that he was Lunatik.

    Turk revealed a version of his history as Arisen Tyrk and convinced the Defenders to take him and the Lunatiks to Tunnelworld so that Arisen Tyrk could be reformed. Doctor Strange and the Hulk had already gone to Tunnelworld to investigate the similarities between the energies he detected in one of the Lunatiks and Tunnelworld. In Tunnelworld, they were nearly overcome by Turk, the Lunatiks, and the Nilffim Riders, who had been used by the being the Unnameable, but with the Hulk they were able to subdue all of the aspects of Arisen Tyrk.

    Doctor Strange, Clea, and the Tunnelworld wizard Xhoohx recombined Harrison Turk, the Lunatiks, and the Nilffim Riders back into Arisen Tyrk. Tyrk scattered the Defenders and went to confront the Unnameable for being used by it. Arisen Tyrk was easily beating off the Unnameable until the Defenders returned to cause his defeat. Arisen Tyrk still lives, but he is inert and under the care of Xhoohx.

    Many years later, the intergalactic mercenary Lunatik found one of the Lunatiks which had been a part of Arisen Tyrk and killed it, not wanting other beings to have his name. There has been no explanation as to why or how one of Tyrk's Lunaticks was left seperate from Arisen Tyrk.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tyrk is an extremely powerful sorcerer, claiming (probably with some degree of exaggeration) to be near omnipotent. He was also physically very strong, able to knock the Hulk aside like a ragdoll.


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