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The Sorcerer
The Sorcerer

Arion is the product of two Atlantean Gods more than half a million years ago. His father was Calculhah, a force of good, and his mother was dark Majistra, a force of evil. Dark Majistra and Arion's evil brother tried to destroy Atlantis, Arion sacrificed his life to save it. He lived for nearly 500,000 years in a state of intangibility. About 45,000 years ago Arion returned in physical form to be the protector of Atlantis. With the help of his lover Lady Chian and good friend Wyynde. An ancestor of Atlan. He was once thought to be the grandfather of Power Girl, but that was retconned. Arion did not survive the 9th Age of Magic.


Arion was created by Paul Kupperberg (writer) and Jan Duursema (artist) and first appeared in Warlord #55.

Arion was originally ran as a back-up feature in the Warlord DC Comic series. The feature ran from issue 55 - 62. After that he got his own series, Arion Lord of Atlantis. This series ran for about three years totaling 35 issues.

Character Evolution

When Arion Returned to his physical form after living as a star for centuries he was unaware of his history. His source of power was the stars themselves he was able to draw power from the stars to work his magic. He once powered up by drawing power from every star in the heavens. Arion is so driven to achieve what he sets out to do that he often pushes his power to the limit. In doing so he has many times throughout his history depleted his power and had to rebuild it.Such as

  • To end the second Ice Age Arion gives freely so much of his stellar energy based magic as to overload the entity that is draining the sun (Sol) of all it's power and causing the Ice age. He is limited to minor illusionary spells and his mental abilities for a time
  • After Obtaining the great power of his inheritance from Calculhah's palace in the dark worlds Arion uses almost all of it to prevent his brother Garn Daanauth from destroying Atlantis. For months he is limited to only vestiges of that great power in small sticks each containing a small piece of his father's essence
  • Finally he summons the Weaver who creates and keeps the many colored threads (lines of power that link all things) and though almost tricked by the trickster regains his power again. He looses it fourth time but it is re-instated by the weaver at the behest of an entity for which he has great respect when Arion goes to the darkhold to face his Mother Dark Majestra for the last time.

During the times he was depowered he was still able to draw on other power sources in times of need. Drawing powers from nearby entities in times of great danger

Arion the Warrior

Because Arion had a tendency to commit so much of himself to a task and leave himself spent when the need arose (when an enemy was beyond the limits of his power he simply used everything he had to defeat him). At Lady Chian's bequest Arion learned the arts of warfare, at which he was actually damn good. he mastered the sword to the point where on his second lesson Chian said he already fought like one who was nearly a master. He mastered the art of hand to hand as well. Even so far as to be able to fight while blinded and focus on his other senses.


Just Post COIE as a retcon to explain why Powergirl still existed in the new time line it was changed that she was the granddaughter of Arion that he had magically altered the DNA of to give her her powers and moved her forward through time for her protection.

He had a Brief appearance in the 90's in a mini series where he lived in France as an old man only returning to power when his brother once again revealed his presence and returned to gain power. Arion once again took on a youthful visage and bested his brother Garn once again.

As part of Power Girl's back story he appeared both during and after the events in Crisis on Infinite Earths. When he appeared in present day we see that his spirit was taken and imprisoned in Gemworld and his body controlled by Mordru. Power Girl and Hawkgirl both help to free his spirit and allow him to move on in the afterlife as part of a plan to weaken Mordru. When they did this, Arion revealed to Power Girl that she was not his granddaughter.

Major Story Arcs

During the Infinite Crisis story arc Arion has visions of a cataclysmic future that is centered around Superman. Using certain mystical items, he travels forward a time where Superman exists. He shares his visions about the future and Superman's involvement in them with Superman and his friends. He shows them that because humanity become so dependent on Superman and other alien help, they don't develop naturaly which eventually leads to an apocalypse. Arion hoped to have Superman retire in order to prevent this from happening.

Superman is then given two weeks to decide what he will do. Mean while Arion uses his magic to bring some hostile aliens to Metropolis in order to prove his point. Superman defeats them and realizes that Arion is the one who orchestrated their arrival. After the two weeks, Superman refused to leave because he cannot give up hope that he can make a difference. Arion responds by attempting to cast a powerful mind control spell on Superman who is able to avoid being put under such spell because of previous training from Martian Manhunter. Superman was then able to defeat Arion and take away his magical artifacts that were giving him his power. Arion then returns to his time period in order to plan his next attack on Superman.

Power and Abilities

Arion has been depowered before, though he still was a formidable thread. He has minor cosmic awareness, being able to sense disturbances in the universe, and look forward in time to see what it will be. Then he travels to the future. There he banishes Subjekt 17, an incredibly powerful being that was almost on par with Superman, with ease.

He can control the minds of even new gods like Lightray to prove a point to Superman. He has automatic shields around him. His spells can render him invisible to the Science Police and Supermans senses. He could transform himself and others into monstrous creatures, and could unleash demons that can give Superman trouble.

Fully powered, he can turn humans into apes with a thought, Casually destroy beings from Darkworld, can bring back the dead, has telepathy more powerful than The Martian Manhunter (as he was able to control him), and put down Etrigan with ease.


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