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    Arimathes is the "future" son of Hercules and the Emperor of the planet Wilamean.

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    Arimathes was born in the 24th century as the son of The Olympian God Hercules and a young Wilamean girl named Layana Sweetwater. Hercules met Layana at Port Anteris and had a brief but loving affair with her. He apparently left Layana not knowing she was pregnant and this not only infuriated her, as it would any woman, it changed her from a sweet and caring person into a hateful and vengefull shrew.

    The Emperor

    From his birth Layana knew Arimathes' divine heritage would grant him abilities far greater than any normal man or alien race in the known galaxy, so she raised him to be an Emperor. Backed by his mother's obssessive thirst for power and revenge and his own superhuman abilities, Arimathes rose quickly up the chain of command. By the time he was in his late 20's he had already built a vast empire which he ruled with fear and an iron fist. At some time in Arimathes' thirties Hercules happened upon his throne-world and was recognized immediately by his former love Layana. Over the years Layana had poisoned Arimathes' mind with untruths about his father, so that Arimathes loathed Hercules' very existence. Arimathes sent out a squadron of his best warriors to test Hercules mettle and they were, of course, bested with ease. Upon learning that his son was emperor and that he was loathed by him, Hercules was distraught. The fact that his son hated him was bad enough, but to add to it that he had become an egomaniacal emporer who ruled like a tyrant was more than Hercules could bare. Hercules decided that the only way to reach his son and have any chance of a possible reconcilliation was to humble him in battle.

    The Battle

    Hercules issued a public challenge to his son, a one on one hand to hand battle that was to take place on a desolate planet. Arimathes gladly and arrogantly accepted. Hercules realized that besting his son would be no easy task, but he needed not only to best him, but to humble him. So, once on the barren planet Hercules donned a blindfold and told Arimathes he could and would defeat him without the use of his sight. Arimathes was enraged, he thought no one could match his lordly might in a fair fight, much less one in which his opponent had a handicap.

    Hercules insisted and the battle ensued. Hercules first punch sent Arimathes flying into a mountain-side. Arimathes, uninjured talked constantly, bragging of his abilities and his invincibility, "I am invicible!! How can you resist my power?!". He said as he lay in a pile of boulders. As he bragged, Hercules unerringly launched a massive boulder directly at his son. Arimathes quickly rose to his feet and obliterated the boulder before it could make impact. With blinding speed Arimathes picked up and hurled an enormous boulder of his own which landed directly on top of the blindfolded Hercules. Arimathes, thinking the battle over, decreed that anyone who stood against him would be destroyed just as his father had been! In mid boast the very ground beneath Arimathes feet erupted knocking him off of his feet. It was Hercules. Hercules goaded Arimathes telling him he had never faced so pitiful an opponent. Arimathes, infuriated by Hercules' remarks rose to his feet "Now you shall learn why I am Emperor!" he yelled as he stuck Hercules with a blow "that would rend a mountain asunder!"

    Hercules stood unfazed and the two stood toe to toe trading punches. Arimathes continued to brag just as Hercules continued to goad his young son. After calling his mother a "lying wench" Arimathes unleashed a punch so forceful that it literally broke the sound barrier!

    Stunned as never before, Hercules was lifted in the air by Arimathes, and then brutally slammed to the ground. Apparently defeated, Hercules lie on the ground and Arimathes, still bragging, raised another boulder above his head with which to finish off his father. Before Arimathes could deliver his possible killing blow, Hercules rose and landed a viscious haymaker directly to Arimathes head. Launched in the air by the blow, it took "a full six seconds for Arimathes unconscious form to impact abruptly to earth!" Hercules had defeated his son blindfolded!


    Hercules, fearing the worst, sought out his sons body. When he came to Arimathes who was just awakening from unconsciousness he explained to his son how his arrogance and "wagging tongue" had been his downfall. He told him "If you were not so headstrong and egotistical--thou would have defeated me with ease!" Arimathes realized that if his father had risked his life simply to teach him humility that perhaps all the deragatory things his mother had told him were not true. Arimathes in a show of his learned humbleness and his newfound trust in his father asked Hercules "Can you teach me what I am lacking father?"

    Hercules and his son forgave one another and , under the tutelage of his father, Arimathes eventually became a worthy and honorable Emperor.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6'6"

    Weight: 320

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Red


    Born the son of the strongest Olympian God, Arimathes possesses vast superhuman strength. The exact limit to his strength is unknown, but it rivals that of his father, Hercules, and is thus far above the Class 100 level.


    Besides his strength, Arimathes has superhuman speed, agility and endurance. He is extremely dense and virtually invulnerable to any and all physical harm. He has proven capable of standing toe to toe with Hercules in combat and holding his own without receiving any serious or permanent injuries.


    Arimathes is a natural leader and a brilliant tactician. He has been extensively trained in all the combat techniques of the 24th century. His divine heritage combined with his advanced knowledge and combat techniques makes him an extremely formidable hand to hand combatant.


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