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Kildare has a good feeling about today, the kind of day when anything can happen. She receives a letter from Auntie Bell with new of the Old country and a reminder to check in on Ginny. She reads the paper and takes note of a story about a bankers son who hacked his father to death in preparation for the coming of the Dark One.  After a day of listing to tiresome customers she laments how tedious mortals can be and  retires to her rooms. 
In the Cotswolds of England a crazed man in a small cell paints fairies on the walls and repeats that they will all be dead over and over. 
Kildare dresses before a magic mirror and they converse as she readies herself for a night out. She arrives at a bar and finds her friend Pug has been there since noon. She greets friends from the fairies realm and asks them how they are finding New York City as she thinks about how old she is and how things never really change. 
England, centuries in the past, Ginny frolics, carefree with the animals in the forest. A creature scratches at the door of a local tavern, they tell the person to go away. Ginny comes skipping up to the tavern.. the door caved in and the walls smashed, she seems totally oblivious to the danger even when seeing the people slaughtered inside. 
Back in New York Pug walks Kildare home and once they part he walks away before drawing a huge double bladed sword and facing an unseen enemy. 
Outside Kildare's apartment window a spirit, with the same eyes as the creature that attacked the tavern, floats as she sleeps.

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