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    Argus is a giant with a hundred eyes and servant to Hera. He guarded a sacred heifer, who was actually Io in disguise.

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    There are several characters in Greek legend using the name Argus/Argos. The following are the most notable. 

    Argus Panoptes (Argus the All-Seeing)

    Argus is a giant with a hundred eyes and servant to Hera.  His task was to guard a sacred heifer,  but this heifer was actually a disguise of Io, a nymph whom Zeus favored.  Zeus had plans to mate with Io in order to bring about a new lineage to thwart the Gods. 


    Argus often slept with several eyes open but he failed to prevent Hermes from the spells which he cast, a task Zeus ordered.  Hermes was able to slew Argus. 

    Argus, Son of Arestor

    Argus is often noted for being  responsible for the construction of Jason and The Argonauts' ship, Argo.  




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