Character » Argost appears in 3 issues.

    The arch-nemesis of the Secret Saturdays. He has his own tv show (V.V. Argost's Weirdworld) in which he shows viewers the cryptids of the world. The show is really a cover for his evil plot to grab the Kur Stone and rule the world with cryptids.

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    Argost is an evil villain who wishes to take control of the world via the all-powerful ancient Sumerian cryptid Kur, unaware that Kur's reincarnation is in fact Zak Saturday. Argost seems to be quite physically strong, being able to match and defeat Fisk in hand-to-hand combat.
    His home, Weird World, was broken into by a total of fifty Secret Scientists. Due to all of the traps set in Weird World, almost all perished. 
    To help him in his schemes, he has a manservant named Munya whose DNA has been fused with that of a Papuan spider.
    In the 9th episode of the second season "And Your Enemies Closer " it is revealed that Argost is a cryptid who wears a mask, and that he was the one who split up Drew and Doyle when they where kids.


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