Argos The Hunter

    Character » Argos The Hunter appears in 13 issues.

    New Deviant, master of the hunt and warrior of the damocles foundation's Sword.

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    Argos the Hunter was one of a handful of deviants who were trained by Ulysses Dragonblood in the service of the damocles foundation.  His hunting skills are almost as good as his teacher thus he got the nickname, The Hunter.  When his teacher defected he was the first to be hot on his trail as he tracked them all across the world until finally finding them in an abandoned coal min in kentucky. He would ahve defeated his mentor if now for the intervention of young mutant Cannonball who disrupted his staff and caused an explosion.
    When he was found by his team he was given a new staff. It didn't help however as the team was defeated by X-Force. 
    He later turned up defending the Brazil base with his team after they defeated Selene and Sunspot and then were defeated by X-force. They eventually were de-evolved by the gatherer and have not been seen since.

    Skills and abilities

    Expert hand to hand combabatan proficiant with the use of the bo-staff, staff, javelin and other long range stick weapons.
    He is also a world class tracker and hunter able to pick up the tiniest traces of prey and zone in on their location.


    His armor grants him increased resistance from physical harm and a degree of enhanced strength. 
    His staff can channel cosmic energy. 


    If the staff is ruptured the resulting energy is too much fro him to control or contain.

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