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    Michele "Mike" Argento is an Italian Special Cop, operating as member of Euroforce.

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    Marvel Italia

    Trained in Italy, Argento (Italian for Silver) is a Carabiniere from the G.I.S.* [see below], specialized in both hand to hand and firearm combat, and an expert in infiltration and sniping mission. He is quite a loner, a trait that is exacerbated by his tactical specialization. While operative, the rest of the team rarely know where he is, but they seem to rely on the fact that he will be around for help, often acting as scout or surveilance. He was chosen for being part of the Task Force by Dragonfly.

    Investigating an U.F.O. crash in Malaysia, the Task Force was ambushed by a trio of high-tech japanese mercenary called Lords of War. After losing Blue Condor and Iceboy, Dragonfly lead Argento and Tiger in battle, but durring the fight, Argento start to manifest some mistycal and uncontrolled powers, fading away after having opened a gate for a random safe place to permit the escape of the Team.

    Returned to the Euromind Base, Argento go under medical treatment, where start to have nightmare about hell and fire. Awakening in the middle of an assault, he discover to have a set of still unclear power of mistical origins.

    After the event of the "Europa" story-line, Argento and the whole Euroforce have been declared dead, but continue operating as a Cover Team.

    All-New Marvel Now

    Argento dosen't appear within the second line-up of Euroforce. His current whereabout is unknown.


    Michele Argento have just started to comprend his power, and their full range are still not clear. They are of mistical nature, but is unknown why Argento have them or what may have triggered their activation. One hypothes may be that their are in some way tied with an ancient treasure of mystical artifact hidden by the Spanish Inquisition, accidentally found durring the mission before going to Malaysia.

    Anyway, Argento show to be able to open gate for shor-rage teleportation, having random precognition of incoming future [a sort of "danger-sense", since he have seen attacks just few second before they appen] and even being able to "mind blast" opponent with mystical energy.


    While other members of the Euroforce use a codename, "Argento" is his real surname. This may be tied to his membership of Italian Military Force, and not some secret agency.

    Durring a fight, his teammate Tiger call him "Alex", but maybe is a typo mistake.

    Argento have long, white hair and pale white skin, and he may be affected by albinism, even if that is not officially confirmed.

    * The "Carabinieri" are a special honor force of the army operating in Italy. For their historical origins as a "Royal Soldier" of the former King, they operate separated by the ordinary State Police, and are a sort of "Militar Force with Police Duty". The G.I.S. (Gruppo Intervento Speciale - Special Intervention Group) is a special corp of Carabinieri, specialized as italian anti-terrorism unit.


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