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Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world and the largest Spanish-speaking one. However it is only the 33rd most populous, surpassed among others by Mexico, Colombia, and Spain.

The capital and largest city is Buenos Aires.

It has land borders with Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Brazil. It has territorial dispute with the United Kingdom over control of a number of islands, primarily the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The disputes extent to areas of Antarctica.

Argentine comic book characters:

Cachiru (DC)

Cimarron (DC)

El Gaucho (DC)

El Lobizon (DC)

La Salamanca (DC)

Pampero (DC)

Vizacacha (DC)

Yaguarite (DC)

Black Tarantula (Marvel)

Defensor (Marvel)

Saint Anna (Marvel)



Mafalda (comic strip)

Isidoro Cañones


Patoruzito (young version of Patoruzu)

Inodoro Pereyra



El loco Chavez

Juan Salvo (El Eternauta)

Nippur de Lagash

Argentine comic book artists:

Joaquin Salvador Lavado "Quino"

Dante Quinterno

Roberto "el negro" Fontanarrosa

Carlos Loiseau "Caloi"

Carlos Trillo

Horacio Altuna

Carlos Meglia

H. G. Oesterheld

Francisco Solano Lopez

Alberto Breccia

Ricardo Barreiro

Eduardo Risso


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