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Aresia was raised and gifted by the Olympian gods during her stay on Themyscira, she was taught and trained alongside the rest of them, including Diana. Part of Aresia's training, or tests, was to live by herself in complete solitude. During that time, no Amazon is to come check up or talk with her--and Aresia took this time to read books she had found about how to make a poison that affected only the males of the world. She escaped from the tower and began her plans.

She took up the members of the now-defunct Injustice Gang--all, sans Lex Luthor, The Joker, Ultra Humanite, and Cheetah, and replacing one of them with a new female member, Tsukuri. She put her plans in motion and infected all the men in Metropolis--leaving only the female fire-fighters, police officers, paramedics, and whatever job was required of them to take over.

Aresia found out later on from Hippolyta, that the only reason that she was even alive was due to a man risking his life to save her's. The captain of the ship that Aresia was on, that eventually sunk into the bottom of the ocean, had stayed with her all the way until she reached the shores of Themyscira--where he died on the shores. Despite this new revelation, Aresia's hatred for men wouldn't be diminished by one's good deed--she went through with her plans and ended up going down with the plane she was on--fiery bits and all.


 Aresia during her appearances displayed superhuman physical attributes allowing her to fight Wonder Woman on even grounds. She was a highly skilled martial artist and proficient in the use of weapons, having trained with the Amazons since she was a little girl. She was also a capable leader and smart enough to create a virus to infect all men, even from other species like Superman.

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