Character » Ardora appears in 27 issues.

    A native from the planet Lexor who was married to Lex Luthor, had a son with him, but later was killed along with her son due to Luthor's actions.

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    Pre-Crisis Universe

    Ardora was a native of the planet Lexor - a world that regarded Earth's criminal mastermind, Lex Luthor, as a hero. Lex first came Lexor with his partner, Brainiac, after escaping from the clutches of his most hated foe, Superman. He met Ardora and was amazed to find that this was a woman who liked him for who he was. Although Lex's initial visit to Lexor was brief, he returned time and time again, visiting Ardora with every visit. The two eventually fell in love and were married. Ardora bore Lex a son, Lex Luthor, Jr.

    Like many on Lexor, Ardora believed that Superman was an evil entity who sought the destruction of their hero, Lex Luthor. She often collaborated with Lex and assisted him in stopping Superman at every available opportunity. When it was believed that Lex Luthor had died at Superman's hands, Ardora publicly decried him a murderer. Luthor survived however, but this did not change Ardora' feelings towards Superman. During a battle with Superman, Lex Luthor's Warsuit accidentally overloaded a seismic device called a Neutrarod, which ultimately destroyed the entire planet. Ardora, her son Lex Jr., and millions of Lexorians died in the explosion.

    Alternate versions

    In the alternate pre-crisis universe of the Super-sons Saga, Ardora was the name of Lex Luthor daughter. She inspired the character of Alexis Luthor from Multiversity's The Just.

    Post Flashpoint

    Ardora debuted in main continuity after Flashpoint as an inhabitant of Apokolips, leader of the Forgotten People. She captured an stranded Luthor and put them under test to see if he was the prophesied savior to change Apokolips.


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