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    Nite Owl's hovercraft named after Merlin's owl.

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    Using money he inherited from his parents, Dan Dreiberg built a flying ship for his career as Nite Owl. The ship was named "Archimedes" after the wizard Merlin's pet owl, It is often referred to as 'Archie' for short. The ship also bears resemblance to the head of an owl.


    Archimedes holds a variety of special features and weapons, both offensive and defensive such as: "Screechers"; sonic devices which emit a high pitch frequency capable of disorienting any enemies in their vicinity, flamethrower's and a water-cannon. The Owlship also has a smoke screen function, which releases a thick cloud of smoke made from dry ice stored in compartments within the Ship. Archimedes is also capable of hovering and underwater travel in addition to flying, the Owlship also houses a pair of hoverbikes as a secondary mode of transportation.

    Other Media

    Archimedes was used by Nite Owl in the Watchmen movie, although in the movie some minor alterations were made to the Owlship, most notably: the hoverbikes are absent and the water-cannon has been replaced with a machine gun.


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