Archie's Pal Jughead #26

    Archie's Pal Jughead » Archie's Pal Jughead #26 released by Archie Comics on October 1, 1954.

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    "Nothing But the Tooth," Jughead tries to talk himself out of being afraid of the dentist.

    "Getting Hindu Trouble," In an effort to soothe Betty's heartbreak over Archie, Jughead gives her what he calls a "Hindu love potion."

    "Time to Retire," Jughead is sleep-walking through the day and everyone goes to great pains not to wake him up.

    "Stuck Up," Mr. Dripwaite tries to settle a dispute between Wilbur and another student.

    "Tunnel of Love," The gang buries Jughead in the sand to keep him from the hamburger stand.

    "Riddle Me This," Reggie's prank on Jughead backfires when Jughead passes it on to Moose.

    "The Eyes Have It," Jughead gives Betty the wrong idea about the impending prom.

    "Smashing Success," Jughead and Betty conspire to trick Archie and Reggie into thinking she can shatter glass with her voice.

    "Book of the Week," Miss Grundy asks Jughead to organize the books in the library.

    "Strange Things Are Happening" text story, Reggie plants disappearing ink in Archie's ink well, getting him into trouble with the administration.

    "Gift Rapped," Jughead agrees to tutor Moose for his first aid course; Reggie overhears and gets the wrong idea.

    "Fed Up," Ferdie asks Suzie out, but Suzie has the wrong impression about their destination.

    "Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained," Jughead tries to pass off a blank page as art.

    "First Class Male," Veronica tries to force Jughead to play "post office" with Betty.

    "Soda Pop?", Jughead offers to guess Pop's age for a free soda.



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