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"Trouble Free," Mr. Lodge mistakes a bathrobe-clad Archie for his daughter.

"Decisions, Decisions," Archie resolves to be more decisive, but keeps vacillating over whether to ask Betty or Veronica for a date.

"Who Is the Stranger in Town," A stranger comes to Riverdale, but Archie and the gang refuse to let him introduce himself, as doing so would invalidate the story title.

"Little Red Archiekins," Archie is on his way to Veronica's house with a basket of goodies.

"Silence Is Golden," Archie has to study a family tree for school.

"Revenge," Reggie plots revenge against Jughead for a prank Jughead pulled on him.

"The Ghost of Dark Valley Manor," The Pussycats reluctantly agree to rehearse in an old house that has a reputation for being haunted.

"Money Happy Returns!", After Archie asks for an allowance increase, Fred agrees to tag along with him for a week to see how much more expensive dating is than when he was Archie's age.


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