Archie Giant Series Magazine #10

    Archie Giant Series Magazine » Archie Giant Series Magazine #10 released by Archie Comics on January 1, 1961.

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    "Those Christmas Blues!", When Archie goes over to Veronica's instead of staying home to trim the tree, his parents think the family Christmases have come to an end, and reminisce about past holiday seasons with Archie.

    "Scratch One Disk!"; Archie buys a record of Veronica's favorite group but Jughead overhears Veronica telling Betty that she wants nightshade for Christmas so Archie returns the record and goes looking for a perfume called nightshade.

    "Not Even a Moose," When Archie plays Santa for a school charity drive, Moose thinks he's really Santa Claus, and Archie takes advantage of this to let Midge sit on his lap.

    "Out on a Limb!", Archie helps put up Christmas decorations for Mr. Weatherbee at the school but accidentally breaks the metal deer he is supposed to put in the schoolyard.

    "Code Three"; Betty and Veronica try to get Jughead to find out what Archie's buying them for Christmas.

    "On Her Toes!" one-page story, Li'l Jinx wants to know why ballet dancers stand on their toes when the ballet could just hire taller girls.

    "Archie's Groan-Up Letters to Santa Claus"; Adults send their Christmas letters to Santa.

    "Gift Collection," Archie is in charge of collecting gifts for the Christmas grab bag.

    "Beyond Belief," Veronica wants Archie to play Santa Claus so he tries to get his Santa suit altered.

    "Generous to a Fault!"; Reggie is generous when buying gifts for himself.

    "Ill Wind," A blizzard traps Archie at the Lodge mansion overnight.



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