Grow Up and Move On, Archie Andrews!!

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 Make up your mind and move on!
 Make up your mind and move on!

I was reading Archie: Will you Marry Me? comic book the other day and the moment I saw it, my instantaneous reaction was like, "oh thank heaven, this douchebag has finally made up his mind after like 71 years." I was a fan of Archie Comics who had been reading them for a very long time and like anybody else, I was always thinking of whom Archie Andrews will marry in the future? Will it be the sweet, lovable, caring Betty Cooper? Or will it be the spoiled, rich prima donna Veronica Lodge? Heh, you can already tell which of these girls I favor the most. Yes, I think Archie should marry Betty just because they are meant for each other. That's my take...however I do think Cheryl Blossom IS the perfect one. I'm sure everyone has their own opinion on that. 
This discussion has been debated for many years and within those years, people have devised their own speculations and theories about it, including me. Finally, on  2010, we were unveiled with Archie: WIll You Marry Me? issues to finally reveal the true conclusion of Riverdale's love triangle dilemma. I was excited about it and I just couldn't wait to see the final outcome of the Archie universe but to my surprise, it was neither a conclusion nor a final outcome. It was a goddamn "What If?" situation. It's basically two stories beginning with Archie proposing to Veronica and got married. Then Archie goes into this twilight zone thing where he goes back into the past and proposed to Betty instead. It's a lousy take if you ask me and that proves to show that after 71 years, the publishers still can't make their own goddamn mind.  
I was truly disappointed with these issues because it doesn't say anything or resolve anything. What could've been the most awesomest event in the comic book history is only just a theory and for all we know, this marriage speculation will go and on and on until judgment day. This is why I stop reading Archie Comics altogether because the publishers just don't want to take risks. I find it be incredibly boring and stupid to see Archie and the gang to still be in high school, getting in trouble, going to the beach, drinking sodas at Pop's over and over again. They even recycle the same jokes and events over the years and it's driving me nuts. What they really need to do is update the series. Take DC and Marvel Comics for example. Many things have happened since the day those comic books were introduced. Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman are married, Spider-Man 's Gwen Stacy is dead, the Juggernaut joined the X-Men for awhile, Tim Drake is the third Robin , Batman is dead, Captain America is dead, etc. All of these gave us comic book readers quite a shock but that goes to show that both DC and Marvel have guts. We mourn about it but we later accept it because that's how it is. People changed, bad things happen, and all those past events will be remembered and cherished forever in our hearts.  
So back to Archie Comics, the publishers should really consider changing things a little. Sure, they have introduced new characters like that Lopez chick, the new gay guy that I can't remember his name but that's not enough. Make something drastic. Make the gang go to college, make one of the faculties retire and bring us new ones, get rid of Moose or someone in the gang and introduce to us new people, get rid of Pop's, make one of the faculties die of old age, etc. Just make some new materials, for heaven's sake. And please, make Archie be officially married. Will it be Betty or will it be Veronica? I don't care. I don't think anybody gives a damn about it anymore. Just make something up, stick to it and move on. 
To be fair, Archie: Will You Marry Me? is a good graphic novel because it shows us the outcomes of the two marriages, which are interesting and fun to read. However, you'd wish it's an actual event and not just a "what if?" thing. My rating: 3/5 stars.
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I'd never even heard of Cheryl Blossom before, but Betty is definitely better than Veronica. Thing is, at this point, Archie Comics can't really change anything. Would anyone want to read a comic about a married guy with a normal job? It's already boring enough when he's getting into hijinks with his eccentric friends.

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One idea Marvel had I think you forgot about, Peter married Mary Jane, what good came of that?  Brand New Day?  Archie is a loved and cherished series (largly) BECAUSE of the tension between Betty, Archie, and Veronica.  I do agree there are changes they can make without messing things up to much, like the teachers, or Moose and Midge getting married and moving away.  Maybe Reggie could finnaly wisen up and find his own girlfriend.  Then both of them could mess with Archie and his girls. 
Oh yea, Batman and Captain America are not dead and that really saddens me, cause no one dies in Mavel or DC either :^6
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@Donovan Montgomery said:
" Oh yea, Batman and Captain America are not dead and that really saddens me, cause no one dies in Mavel or DC either :^6 "
Yeah, but at least they tried something different and took the risk. Archie Comics on the other hand, haven't done a damn thing for like ever. They're just too chicken to try anything new.
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I suppose their problem is if they move on, they'll run out of material and have to end the book. 
They are writing for a very select audience, the pre-teens/teens.  I don't know if they really worry bout those in "adulthood" as we supposedly grow out of comics by then. 
Don't get me wrong, I agree they should try new stuff and let some of it stick.   
Maybe they should try starting a "College Years" title or "Archie all grown-up" type series.  And have them as "alternate" futures of Archie's life. 
For instance, have a series focusing on the marraige of Archie to Betty, (Archie & Betty)another one on his marraige to Verronca (Archie & Verronica), eccetra. 
I for one would like to see Jugg and his gf from the future in their own book.
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I don't know. I'm one of those people who really don't care anymore. I don't read Archie Comics anymore, and have already gathered enough stock knowledge to last the rest of my lifetime. Archie Comics is boring to me now, but I don't think Archie should marry one of the two girls, Betty and Veronica. I mean, as a reader, it would give me an interesting reason to start reading the comics again, but that excitement will fade and I'll start reading about  Archie in a midlife crisis and about being fired from work. Boring. And I doubt ten-year-old girls and boys who decide to get into reading these comics will enjoy reading that, and they are the target audience (some may, but they are rare exceptions). But, speaking from the point of view of the publisher, it would really be unrealistic for them to drastically change something that's stayed the same for more than seventy years, and if you make Archie marry somebody, you take away the whole point of reading to the people who read Archie Comics just to know about his latest - albeit recycled - hijinks. The Archie Comics are kind of making the step forward though and making alternate realities for people like us out there, but they're unsatisfying.
That aside, I'm more of a Veronica fan, because Betty always seemed too needy and available to me (just my opinion). And, even as a Veronica fan, I don't want her to marry Archie (because I've always found Archie annoying). I would even prefer her to marry Jughead, but the best case scenario for me would be to have Veronica marry Reggie and have a whole alternate reality series based on that.

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@babywix: Thank you for the comment. It's nice to see what others think about this never-ending love triangle.
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I don't read those anymore.  Every time I read those, it was always the same old thing, as in

Mr. Lodge telling Archie off
Jughead wearing the hat and loading up on food
Moose showing how strong that he is

Then, why are they still in school now?  They should have graduated from there 15 or 20 years ago.   I also got tired of Bingo Wilkin, I didn't mind Li'l Jinx.

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A friend just lent me this series (individual issues), + the first three issues of "Life With Archie: The Married Life" ,which, btw, is almost exactly what i asked for in my last post.  I like this and the way it is going, I hope they keep it up for a while and follow the life's of the rest of the cast.
On the topic on him/them never growing up I just had an appifany.....apipfany.....a thought on this after reading "Archie in the Eighties", they can't grow up because they are there to make a statement on the culture of the times.  Read any of the Americana Series and you'll see this to be true.....(Why this title is not on CV yet is beyond (i.e. surprises) me.

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What about the folks at Duckburg? 
Donald duck and Daisy have never married. Scrooge Mcduck hasn`t died. Neither has Grandma duck. 
I don`t think that those things should change. 
But then again, you wrote about Archie, not  Disney ducks-comics. 
And what about too much change? Too much change has been one of DCs and Marvels problems. Among others. Not that I don`t like them both.

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I think the better question is, should comic stories have a finite ending? Or better yet, should characters grow old?

Answer to first, depends on the story. One good example is the Invincible Books (Skybound, formerly Image). The story is done in linear form... it keeps moving forward, they rarely do flashbacks or future settings. And it feels that the series has an ending.

Another example: Starman (James Robinson), it revitalized the Golden age heroes like Sandman and the Justice Society. It also, made a villain, the Shade into an admirable character.

Answer to second, comics is a business. Just like Disney is a business. You don't see Mickey and Minnie tying the knot,( But you do see Goofy having a kid grow from childhood to teen). Because like it or not, they need to sustain these characters, not just for us, but for future generations who'll get to see them for the first time.

The better question here chould have been is, when will Betty wise up? Since it shows a weakness on her part to vie for Archie's attention knowing full well that Archie would rather chase an unattainable (Veronica). In real life, would you go for a Kirsten Dunst or a Megan Fox? Though my mind tells me to pick Kirsten, my loins would go for the hot Megan. Archie, like most men, love a challenge... sadly, Betty makes herself look too needy and available for Archie. And since Archie being male and a teen, will never wise up... forever

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Archie is the world's oldest teenager.He even out lived some of his readers who started reading books when when he first debuted.The writers are writing for the tween and teens. They don't expect them to by reading this decades later.

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