fedspaz's Archie #603 - Archie Marries Betty: Will You Marry Me?, Part 4 review

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    Propsal to Betty

    This time Archie is traveling a different road through life.  In this scenario, he's changed things up and is proposing to Betty.  Completely different twist than the prior issues.
    I read this with my daughter and there many things she really liked about it.  The first thing that tickled her funny bone was the food fight at the graduation party.  Jughead of course does the best job of dealing with the situation.  Heaven forbid if anything hits the floor when he's around.  She also thought how Archie proposed to Betty was really cute.  She always loves the clothes that Betty and Veronica wear as well and this is no exception.  I must admit, I liked reading this with her.  It was a real treat for me to read this with her and watch her eyes get big when the proposal came and her smile when Betty said yes.  Good old Father/Daughter bonding time.  It'll be interesting to see how this alternate reality compares to how Archie's life was in the "Veronica Alternative".
    My daughter loved it and rated it a 5.  I think she wanted to make it higher, but alas, the scale only goes to 5.

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