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Everything's Still Archie!

Mark Waid and Fiona Staples continue to rock Riverdale with the new and improved Archie!

Archie needs money to fix up his car. He wants to apply for work on the construction site building the new Lodge Mansion, but Jughead stops him. He does manage to pick up the odd job here and there...until his accident-prone nature gets in the way and he loses the job. Hilarity ensues.

Betty Cooper, the girl next door, and both Archie's girl and mechanic is getting ready for her upcoming birthday party. Before Sheila helps her with her clothes, she's in her room playing video games with Trevor. Her mom checks to see if she needs help with her make-up. She actually cleans up pretty good.

Later, Archie's friends try to stop him from getting hired on the Lodge construction site. Failing that, they run interference up until he loses the job with a spectacular accident. Even later, while trying to make good and clean up his disaster, he creates another epic fail. He incurs the wrath of Hiram Lodge, but he sees his daughter, Ronnie.

Finally getting home, Archie is greeted by his dad, and good news about his car.

Next door, at her birthday party, Betty makes a wish and blows out her candles.

The Good Excellent

Mark Waid is fantastic! This is the guy that wrote Impulse. With the late, great Mike Weringo. It's great that Archie breaks the fourth wall and serves as the narrator, giving background on Jughead. Even though the story moves around, and Archie is oblivious at times to what's going on around him, he picks up the story without missing a beat. It's great to see that Archie's heart and good nature put him at the center of a crowd of close friends that are willing to have his back. The Riverdale gang's new makeover looks pretty cool. It's not the distinctive look most are accustomed to, but Fiona Staples still gives the gang a unique look.

The Bad

Okay, admittedly, that new look could be a deal-breaker. That would be a shame.

The new Archie is not done-in-one. Waid and Staples keep the pace and timing for each gag, so the story never lags. This new Archie is an ongoing saga.

This new Archie is a complete break from tradition and old-school. Waid knows his history and includes Classic Archie to ease the adjustment.

The Skinny

Mark Waid and Fiona Staples are maintaining the core basics of Archie, while bringing him to a new generation. Longtime Archie fans should enjoy the new angle and approach on the character. This is an effort to keep the character from growing stale and outdated. Kudos for keeping Archie current and relevant.

Archie earns five stars for pairing a writer who knows the characters with an artist that brings them to life off the page. This is an Archie that should grab a reader and engage that reader in the story.

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