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    Volume » Published by Valiant/Acclaim. Started in 1992.

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    Obadiah Archer is a boy with a special talent and some very unusual parents. Once he escapes their clutches, he embarks on an international adventure that will take him from the sacred halls of a Tibetan monstrary to the filthy underpasses of Los Angeles. And when a mysterious stranger hires him to assassinate the inebriated immortal known as Armstrong, the world's most mismatched crimfighting duo is born!

    Archer & Armstrong was a highly successful comic book by Valiant Comics, with sales of 350,000 books a month. The first series featured writing and art by comic great Barry Windsor-Smith (creator of Red Sonja). Obadiah Archer ("Archer") is the world’s greatest hand-to-hand fighter, an expert marksman, a combat-imitative harbinger and a seeker of truth and righteousness. Since his parents attempted to murder him, Archer has committed himself to vanquishing the evils of the world. Aram "the Other" ("Armstrong") born in 3266 BC, is an immortal reprobate with the strength of a battalion. An amoral libertine who abandoned naive idealism thousands of years ago, Aram spends his days wandering the world drinking, fighting and telling stories of his unbelievable adventures.

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