Archer & Armstrong #13

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The Good

The Faraway story concludes but leaves the team at some odd ends.

There's quite a bit going on this issue. Writer Fred Van Lente constantly keeps the reader entertained and engaged with this issue. Since the start of this story line, we've come to get to know quite a few new characters, including Armstrong's other brother, Ivar, as well as the antagonist of this story, General Redacted. Van Lente does a great job with letting the readers get to know these characters whether it be through dialogue or actions. He makes the readers feel at home the entire time.

It's now time to tell you, once again, like every month, how great Pere Perez is in this book. He has two fantastic two-page spreads here that are both two great examples of transitional establishing shots moving the reader out of one scene and into another. While the idea of having it be a two-page spread most likely came from the writer, the way Perez lays out the objects and characters within the pages is wonderful. The pages have a great flow to them, and the reader's eyes move gracefully across the page. It's amazing to see how much detail and work he, along with colorist David Baron, put into not only these pieces in particular, but the book as a whole.

There's a few things that happen in this issue that may change the dynamic between Archer and Armstrong. Without spoiling anything, this whole crew that's really come together during this story arc will not be the same group coming out of that, and it's cool to see the "family dynamic" get shaken up a bit. The story here may be what's happening with General Redacted, but the most interesting part of this book is how these characters interact with each other.

Finally, there's another part that really stands out in this issue. During a talk between Archer and Armstrong, where we get to know a bit more about how Armstrong views others in his world, which is never ending since he's immortal. It's a single page moment, but it puts so much of Armstrong's character into perspective. Although he's a goofy character who loves to get into the drink, you really start to feel for him in this moment. By far, best moment of the issue.

The Bad

My only real complaint is about this story as a whole. It was ok. It's really early to say, but this doesn't feel like it's going to have lasting effects on the series. There's nothing wrong with a one-off, fun story, but a series works a lot better when a story builds upon the one prior to it. And while "The Faraway" storyline was a ton of fun, it's just not that satisfying as a whole.

The Verdict

The conclusion of "The Faraway" may not have been the most satisfying overall story, but the issue was a ton of fun, as it always is. Writer Fred Van Lente keeps the book incredibly entertaining and artist Pere Perez does a dynamite job with the art here. This is currently one of my favorite creative teams working right now. Obviously, ARCHER & ARMSTRONG is a book you should be reading because it's consistently fantastic. So pick up this book to prepare for Sect Civil War starts in October!


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