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    The Wanderers were the first civilization to be destroyed by Galactus. They have spent ages searching for their revenge on the devourer.

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    The Archeopians were the first civilization destroyed by the mighty Galactus. The remaining survivors of the race swore vengeance on the world devourer and began hunting him throughout the ages, eventually calling themselves the Wanderers.


    Archeopians appear to have been descended from an avian race. As time passed they slowly lost their more obvious avian features. Early Archeopians (such as Ree) possessed beaks, wings, talons and were fully feathered. Later Archeopians (known as the Wanderers) such as those that survived the destruction of their homeworld by Galactus; had by contrast lost their beaks, and wings, their talons were less pronounced and their feathers were so fine that they more resembled hair or fur. It has not been revealed if the early Archeopians were capable of unassisted flight due to their wings and feathers.


    The Wanderers were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1969 and first appeared in Thor # 160.


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