Creators of 'Star Trek' Announce New Comic Series!

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For all of you Star Trek fans out there, you might consider this good news! The same people behind 'Star Trek,' 'Earth: Final Conflict ,' and ' Andromeda ' have announced that they will be teaming up with Archaia comics; (the same people in the news yesterday for their Jim Henson deal,) in order to bring you a brand spankin' new series  entitled 'Days Missing. ' Based on the history of the company; we can assume that the new comic will have a real sci-fi feel. Archaia also has a fantastic team working on the project; names like writer Phil Hester as well as


artists Frazer Irving and Dale Keown . The people at Roddenberry Prductions seem pretty excited about the prospect of bringing their ideas to comic books as well. Roddenberry Productions executive Trevor Roth said in a press release that he cannot wait to bring the new sci fi thriller to Archaia's pages.

“Building on the science fiction legacy of the Star Trek franchise, we are excited to make a unique contribution to the comic book landscape with this extraordinary series; we’ve assembled some of the best talent in the industry to deliver a great comic book that we hope will captivate fans.”


I have three words for you about this: It looks amazing; and I don't even like Star Trek. The artwork that has been released by Archaia is unbelievable. The work looks detailed, eerie, and dare I say, captivating. The comic will tell the tale of "The Steward," a man who is capable of time manipulation and the ability to delete important days from history. In the press release, Archaia's Director of Development added his excitement over the prospect of working with Roddenberry Productions.

All of us at Archaia are huge fans of Star Trek and to work with Roddenberry Productions to create a comic like Days Missing is a huge honor,”

The official release of the comic will come just in time for the San Diego convention, and the first issue will be available to fans for 99 cents in August.

Do you think you would pick this up? After seeing this incredible art work, I think I might. The story looks really very promising, too!

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I may pick it up the art is pretty killer, I often pick up new stuff based on the art work.

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Quoth: "The comic will tell the tale of "The Steward," a man who is capable of time manipulation and the ability to delete important days from history."
Cool! There's a couple of days that I'd like to see deleted.

The art does look cool and the price is right. As much as I like to support the independents. I remember Gene Roddenberry's - and Leonard Nimoy's Techno Comics. Hopefully this will develop legs.

Good story!  

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Archai Comics is really doing what they can to step things up, and that's a good thing.  That artwork looks great, hopefully the story will match.

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I would delete the day I bought the Ultimate Hulk Annual.

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Cool! Maybe he'll save the Jews. YAY!!!!!

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looks fine!

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