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    Arcana is the older half-sister of Brinke Stevens and commander of the Celestial Task Force. She convinced the Celestial Council that Earth was unworthy of life, and the Council tasked her with eradicating Earth's inhabitants.

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    Arcana is the daughter of an unnamed father and mother of an unidentified alien race. Her father also had a daughter with a human mother. Arcana's half-sister was known as Brinke Stevens. Arcana eventually became the commander of the Celestial Task Force, and according to her half-sister she thrives on destruction and is a consummate killer.


    Arcana was created by writer Brian Pulido and artists Mike Holliman and Jason Jenson for Chaos! Comics. She first appeared in Brinke of Eternity #1, in 1994.

    Major Story Arcs

    In Brinke of Eternity #1 Arcana convinces the Celestial Council that humanity's destruction of Earth's environment and atmosphere means that the planet is unworthy of life. It is later revealed that she fears humanity will spread throughout the galaxy. Brinke Stevens opposes her half-sister's scheme but fails to gain support among the Council.

    Arcana travels to Earth to recover various ancient artefacts that will allow her to activate the Armageddon Matrix hidden in Earth's core. Arcana is then confronted by Brinke before she can initialize the matrix. After a brief struggle, Brinke uses her Eternity Power to incapacitate Arcana and declares that 'It's over!'. Brinke slings the unconscious Arcana over her shoulder and phases out of Earth's core to an unknown location.


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