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    Disgraced by the Covenant actions, the Arbiter joined forces with the UNSC to stop the Halo from activating and eradicating all life in the galaxy.

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    Thel' Vadam was born in the state of Vadam on December 10, 2485. He became a Supreme Commander for the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War. He led the Covenant at Reach and glassed the planet. They discovered a turning point at Installation 04 (Halo). Thel's army didn't win the battle.

    Arbiter being punished.
    Arbiter being punished.

    After Installation 04 was destroyed, he was punish and was stripped of his rank. The brute Tartarus burned the mark of shame on him.Forcing him to don the armor of the Arbiter. In which whoever uses the name will be sent on suicide missions where they will die an honorable death. Later he is sent to a station where the Flood are being studied, called the gas Mine. There, he kills Sesa 'Refumee, a heretic. He breaks the wires holding the station together to find the Oracle (343 Guilty Spark) there Tartarus takes the Oracle and Arbiter escapes.

    He is then sent to retrieve the Icon in which is needed to activate the Halo. The Icon However is being protected by the Flood. Arbiter manages to get to the Quarantine Zone where the Icon was being kept.

    There, Commander Miranda Keyes and Seargent Avery Johnson retrieves the Icon. Arbiter gets there just in time Johnson shoots him but misses and Arbiter headbutts him and Johnson is knocked out. Miranda uses her SMG to shoot Arbiter but Arbiter hits the gun and knocks out Keyes. She then is captured by Tartarus who blast Arbiter into the hole that the Icon was being kept. He gets rescued by Gravemind who teleports him and Master Chief to two different places. Arbiter gets teleported to a mountain north of where the "Great Journey" was taking place. He then finds his partner in a Wraith to infiltrate the tower.

    They did and got to the top of the tower where he meets Seargent Johnson in a scarb the seargent tells him to pilot a Banshee and give him some cover. They make it to the temple and Johnson uses the Scarab gun to blow up the door so Arbiter can enter and interrupt Tartarus when he was forcing Miranda Keyes to activate the Halo. Where him and Johnson interrupt Arbiter then kills Tartarus when Johnson blasted him with a Beam Rifle and the Installation 05 was destroyed.

    Master chief is thrown off onto Earth in some forest where he is rescued by Johnson, Arbiter sneaks up on them. Chief thinking he was going to shoot he took out his Magnum and was about to shoot Arbiter when Johnson said "Chief, wait, the Arbiter's with us". He lets go and are later see a Covenant Phantom coming. Johnson splits up and calls two Pelicans to pick them up at the harbor. When they are there the pelicans get shot down and Johnson gets captured. They get to the ruined city and free Johnson.

    There another Pelican arrives and brings them to a base in Africa. They are attacked while sending a message to Lord Hood they armed a bomb and Arbiter and Master Chief escaped and later met at a tunnel leading to the town of Voi. There, Truth and the Covenant were uncovering the Ark a object that activates the other rings.

    Arbiter and Master Chief destroyed the anti air support cannon. What they didn't know was that they had something worst on their hand. After taking the anti-air support cannon out Truth fired a mysterious beam in the air. Then a ship crash in the middle of the city Voi, Arbiter asked Master Chief what was it "More brutes?" Master Chief replies "No worse." The crashed ship contained some flood host who attacked the city later Arbiter and Master Chief hear from Rtas'Vadum that Cortana was on the flood infested ship. Master chief goes inside but only finds the message Cortana left. Cortana told them that the Covenant capital High Charity was infected with the Flood and was coming to Earth. Cortana said that she had a solution, which Master Chief wanted to find it, however Lord Hood said that the solution might lead into a flood trap. The Chief and Arbiter then boarded two different pelicans with 343 Guilty Spark. They get past and get to the station like they were supposed to go to. While talking to the Oracle, they are seen and attacked by one of the Covenant Phantom and Banshes, so they had to get onboard the pelicans for evac. Later Arbiter Master Chief and Searget Johnson took three Pelicans to the coast deactivate the barrier and kill Truth. They later get seen and get shot down Master Chief and Arbiter took out there towers but Johnson's barrier wasn't deactivated. Master Chief and Arbiter formed up at the coast and piloted a Hornet (counterpart of the Banshee). They got to the third tower and deactivated it.

    There a mysterious meteorite hit the tower and the covenant carrier Shadow Of Intent, the meteorite contained the flood but Arbiter and Master Chief escaped. They later go to the hillside near the temple. All of a sudden, two Scarabs come out of the ground they get destroyed and Arbiter and Master Chief went inside when Oracle made the bridge. They enter it and take an elevator up the tower when there two flood juggernaut approach them Arbiter and master Chief are about two shoot when they are actually here to help them stop halo from firing. They take a bridge with some flood spors they get to Truth before the Halo activating. They see that Miranda Keyes was dead and Johnson was carrying her body. Arbiter then goes to Truth and is about to kill him, Truth then says to Arbiter "I am Truth" Arbiter Replies, "Then you must be silence". Arbiter stabs him with his energy sword, however the flood betray them Johnson gets ready the pelican and takes off Master Chief and Arbiter grabs the side of the pelican. They get knocked off by one of Gravemind's tentacles. Arbiter then says "Betray one villain for another". They then come across the flood host who betrayed them he gets through a hole there Master Chief sees Cortana but loses her. Then him and Arbiter round up the survivors while Master Chief went to find Cortana on High Charity. Later after Master Chief saves Cortana Arbiter comes and burns a few flood spors. They both escape and go to installation 00 to destroy Halo. Once there several flood get dispersal pods drop from the sky to stop them. At the top of the tower are more flood host, Arbiter and Master Chief kill them and enter tower.

    They are encountered by 343 Guilty Spark who in anger shot Johnson, Master Chief, and Arbiter. He gets destroyed and activate Halo which was ripping itself apart the Chief then goes to the Sergeant and says to him "I'm getting you out of here." The wounded Seargent tells Master Chief to "Send me out with a bang.". They later escape inside the Warthog and get inside the frigate. However the portal closed when the ship was half way through. Arbiter's part of the ship crashed in the water. He attends the funeral and shakes hands with Lord Hood, Hood speaks to Arbiter and says "I can't forgive you for what your race done to mine but I sure as hell can thank you for standing by our side to the end." The two shake hands and look at the grave. Hood shakes his head in disbelief and speaks out "I can't believe he's really." Arbiter replies "Weren't it so easy." Arbiter then leaves Earth in a phantom to the Shadow Of Intent, he then says to Rtas 'Vadum "Take us home." When he came back to Sanghelios, people of his kind were in opposition of peace with humans.


    Halo 2

    Halo 3

    Halo: Uprising

    Halo Wars Genesis

    Powers and Abilities

    Arbiter, wielding an Energy Sword
    Arbiter, wielding an Energy Sword

    The Arbiter is an expert tactician and military expert. He has an ultra-durable armor, and rivals even the top UNSC Mjolnir armor. He also has enhanced strength, speed, and agility thanks to his Elite/Sangheli alien heritage, and is an experienced hand-to-hand combatant. Usually, he carries an array of Covenant/Human weaponry alongside him, such as the Carbine, Needler, or famous Energy Sword to take down his foes.

    Physical Description

    SpeciesSangheli/Elite (from Sanghelios, Vadam)
    Height8'6" (8'8" in armor)
    Weight317 lb. (1020 in armor)
    Eye ColorOrange

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