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Arashi Mikami is one of the few survivors of the terrorist bombing at the Tabioka Medical Conference. He was eight-years-old and was attending with his best friend Ryuu Mochizuki, son of Dr. Masamune Mochizuki. Arashi shielded Ryuu with his own body and suffered serious damage. Ryuu suffered almost no damage, except a head trauma that rendered him brain dead. Dr. Mochizuki made the decision to use his own son's body to save Arashi by giving him Ryuu's arms, legs, and heart. Arashi only survived this bombing through his attempt to save his friend.

When Arashi was seventeen, he was invited to join Dr. Mochizuki's secret organization Black Label. The mission is to excise the criminal element from the city that was being overrun by criminals.


Triage X Vol. 1 JPN (Dec 2009)
Triage X Vol. 1 JPN (Dec 2009)

Arashi Mikami (三神嵐, Mikami Arashi) is the main protagonist in the Triage X series that was created by Shoji Sato. It began serialization as a bi-monthly series in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age in 2009.

His first appearance was in Triage X Volume 1 CH. 1 "CASE: 1 Hell's Perscription I - Cross of Fresh Blood".

Character Evolution

Arashi Mikami is a handsome but socially awkward young man and is often introspective as his mind lingers on this past. Even as a young boy he showed a courageous side by trying to save his childhood friend at risk of his own life. Much of his body is covered in massive scars due to the surgeries he underwent to save his life. He was Ryuu's limbs and heart. Because his life was extended at the cost of his friend's body. He is filled with a sense of both guilt for the past but also intense loyalty for Masamune Mochizuki.

Major Story Arcs

CASE 1: Hell's Prescription

Arashi's first mission
Arashi's first mission

Arashi's first official mission before becoming a member of Black label was to kill the corrupt business mogul, Hideo Aranami. He was partnered with Mikoto Kiba, and she shouted at Arashi for giving Hideo his pistol in his attempt to test both Hideo's quality and his own conscience. Hideo's shot deflected off his helmet, then he executed him in return. They then gathered at the team meeting, and he was made an official member and part of Team Ampoule One of Black Label. Back at Mochizuki General Hospital the next day, Mikoto scolded Arashi for seeming to question Mochizuki's triage, but he explained to her about his origin and how he'll always be loyal to the doctor.

The next black label mission was the execute Hideo's sadistic son. Taisei Aranami. Arashi and Mikoto burst through Taisei's hideout while he was torturing the daughter of one of his father's employees under the supervision of one of Hideo's lawyers, Jin Masaki. Though Taisei was quickly killed, Jin grabbed Mr. Fujino as a hostage. Matters were further complicated by the appearance of police detective Isoroku Tatara.

CASE 2: Surgical Strike

Jin managed to escape the building, the arranged for Miss Fujino to be abducted after she was released from Mochizuki Hospital, and and innocent old woman was run over in the process. The entire Black Label Team vowed to catch Masaki. They just needed to wait for Fiona and Dr. Mochizuki to find him. Arashi trained to tell the difference between buckshot and rubber shells for his shotgun by weight as Black Label waited for Jin to be located.

A full scale assault was waged on the abandoned building Jin was held up in and filled with hired goons. Arashi came to Mikoto's rescue, but she had been injured. Miki Tsurugi almost sent them away, but Arashi defended their position for finishing what they started. At the top of the building, Arashi shot a drug controlled Miss Fujino with rubber shells, then confronted Jin Masaki. Jin almost got the better of them with an armed helicopter, but it was shot down by Oriha Nashida. Arashi shot and killed Masaki before he could jump off the building to his death. Arashi later apologized to Mikoto for failing to protect her.

CASE 3: Midnight Guerrilla

Arashi and Mikoto's mission to execute Yusuke Magari was cut short as they arrived to find his home and many of his guards set ablaze. They caught a young woman in black setting Magari on fire while alive. Arashi shielded Mikoto from the incendiary shell she fired from her launcher then escaped.

Powers & Abilities

Unarmed Combat

Over his years of physical training to recover from the major surgery that saved his life, Arashi has developed an impressive level of strength that is above the average person. He's been shown to be able to shatter a person's nose with a single punch and send them flying off their feet.


Arashi has been trained in the use of various firearms by the members of Black Label. With the mission of Black Label to kill as quickly and painlessly as possible, he tends to aim for the head that will cause a quick death.

Weapons Expert

Arashi shows impressive skill in the use of several forms of firearms. He personally trained an practiced to be able to tell the difference between buckshot and rubber bullet shells for his Double Joker shotgun. This way he could react swiftly to use lethal or non-lethal force as a situation may require.

Weapons & Equipment

All the weaponry, armor and equipment used by Black Label is custom made and organized by Fiona Ran Winchester. All of Arashi's requests for different equipment is made to her. All weapons are stamped with the mark of the Black Label organization.

Body Armor

Arashi's helmet and body armor
Arashi's helmet and body armor

Arashi wears a heavy body armor for all of his missions that can with stand even a barrage of gunfire. This includes a helmet made of a super high-grade polycarbonate. It can withstand a point bland round from most firearms.


Long Slide

Black Label Long Slide
Black Label Long Slide

The Long Slide (ロングスライド, Rongu Suraido) the primary firearm that Arashi uses on all his missions. This is a custom longslide style Hardballer that fires 45. caliber rounds. The barrel is two inches longer than the average Hardballer.


Black Label Knuckle
Black Label Knuckle

The Knuckle (ナックル, Nakkuru) is a sidearm 1911 V10 Ultra Compact pistol that Arashi uses as his backup. firearm in emergencies. This is a smaller pistol that is easily concealed and can fires 45. caliber rounds. For such a small pistol, it has a powerful recoil.

Double Joker

Double Joker
Double Joker

The Double Joker (ダブル・ジョーカー, Daburu Jōkā) is a custom double-barreled sawed-off shotgun. Arashi first used this on the mission to eliminate Arinami. He used both lethal 12-gauge buckshot and non-lethal rubber bullet shells.



  • Age: 17
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 175cm (5' 9")


  • Place of Birth: (unknown)
  • Citizenship: Japanese
  • Occupation: Black Label - Team Ampoule One / student
  • Known Relatives: Sayo Hitsugi (guardian)

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