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Arashi Kishu was the daughter of the hidden miko of the Ise Shrine. When her mother was pregnant, she left the Shrine. Saigu Kaede, the mother of the Ise Shrine, tried to find her and her child. She found Arashi living in the street. Her mother was dead and she must find food to survive. Saigu brought her at Ise Shrine. For a while, Arashi didn’t want to eat. She wouldn’t know if she wanted to live or not. Saigu succeeded to convince her to live telling her some people love her and some others would love her. She had the right to love and to be loved.



Years past, Saigu taught Arashi how to use her hidden miko abilities and her duty as seal. She joined Hinoto at the Diet Building in order to realize her destiny. When Hinoto sees in a dream the return of Kamui Shiro, she sends Daisuke Saiki and Arashi to have an eye on him and to be sure he is the real Kamui. She continually observes him, even when Daisuke decides to fight him. The fight is severe. Even if Daisuke succeeds to injure Kamui with a wind attack, Kamui give him a thrashing. Kamui decides to achieve Daisuke but he is interrupted by Arashi. Kamui, upset, attacks Arashi. But a saber comes through her hand and Arashi beets him off. She vanishes with Daisuke.

She moves instantly herself and Daisuke to the place where Hinoto lives. Hien and Sohi, Hinoto’s servants, dash at Daisuke. Hinoto asks Arashi if she believes it is the real Kamui. Arashi confirms whereas Daisuke thinks the opposite. Hien and Sohi are offended that Daisuke doesn’t believe in Hinoto’s visions. Hinoto stops quickly this conversation asking Hien and Sohi to take care of Daisuke. Hinoto remembers her vision of the end of the world and asks Arashi to protect Kamui, the only person who can change his destiny. Arashi retires in order to let Hinoto does her job of clairvoyant downstairs the Diet Building.

Four Other Seals


Arashi learns from a telepathic conversation with Hinoto that the Sacred Sword was stolen by one of the Seven Angels and a seals from Koya Mount is with Kamui. Hinoto requires her to protect Kamui. Arashi arrives at Togakushi Shrine and she meets a curious man wearing glasses. She feels something but not hostility. At this moment, several men in black who reveal to be shiki make their appearance. For security, Arashi creates a kekkai; but the man wearing glasses is still there. Arashi uses her saber to fight them whereas the man wearing glasses uses wind attacks. After the destruction of Shiki, the man introduces himself as Seiichiro Aoki, one of the Dragons of Heaven.

During this time, Kamui and Sorata Arisugawa feel the creation of the kekkai. They decide to go at the Togakushi Shrine. The man wearing glasses must go to his redaction. So he lets his umbrella and a visit card to Arashi. His name is Seiichiro Aoki. Kamui and Sorata arrive and see Arashi. She explains she is here for Kamui, she knows about Sorata and she tells them that another seal was there. A tension is felt between Kamui and Arashi. Sorata tries to calm them down. Also, Sorata that Arashi will be his chosen one. He invites them to go at Tokiko Magami’s house. When they arrive, they found the house in fire. Kamui confused, assimilates this event as his mother death and tries to save her. Sorata stops him whereas Arashi explains there is nobody inside. They decide to leave the place under the sight of a woman lightly dressed.

Kamui, Sorata and Arashi are in a restaurant due to the invitation of the Koya’s monk. Kamui, upset to lose time decides to leave them. Sorata succeeds to stop him when he says he knows something about the Magamis, Kamui’s family. Kamui seats again and listens to Sorata. The monk from Koya’s mount explains that each Magami’s member is a kagenie, a substitution doll. A Kagenie is a great magician who takes on him the misfortune of another person. Sorata finds logical that Kamui’s mother was a Kagenie. Kamui tells them that his mother died in a fire. Arashi explains that the person associated to Toru Shiro is on fire. By this information, Sorata guesses that Arashi came from a Shrine. As the Sumeragi chief is a man. He guesses that Arashi came from the Ise Shrine. Then suddenly Sorata looks with attention Arashi’s face and tells her again she is his chosen one. Finally, Sorata becomes serious, pays the addition and asks Arashi to lead them to Diet Building where the Yumemi princess lives.



Everyone waits for the arrival of the seal who owns the inugami. It is at this moment that the inugami’s owner arrives. She’s a fourteen-year-old teenage who introduces herself as Yuzuriha Nekoi from Mitsumine Shrine. She apologizes to send Inuki, his inugami; but she didn’t find the way to get down. She asks everyone to introduce themselves. They do it, except Kamui. It is Sorata who introduces Kamui. Yuzuriha teases Kamui. Kamui decides to leave. He says he isn’t concerned by the “Jour de la Promesse”. Daisuke upset provokes Kamui. They begin a fight when everyone falls in an illusion created by one of the Seven Angels. Arashi uses her saber, Sorata his electric powers and Yuzuriha transforms Inuki in a sword. Kamui, upset by this loss of time, uses his psionic powers to destroy this illusion. This mirage breaks into cherry tree petals. Hinoto concludes that the illusion was created by the sakurazukamori.

This event gives way to a massive earthquake meaning the destruction of a kekkai in Tokyo. Hinoto begs Kamui to become a seal and with the help of the other Dragons of Heaven to save the Earth. Kamui, exasperated, leave the Diet Building distressing Hinoto. Sorata reassures her telling her that Kamui has still something to protect. Whereas Sorata, Arashi and Yuzuriha discuss about the other seals, Kamui thinks about his destiny.



Sorata and Arashi decide to follow Kamui in order to protect him. Kamui goes to his previous house and finds Kotori. Just above them, Sorata and Arashi are observing them. Arashi thanks Sorata to have protected her during the earthquake. Sorata explains it was normal because she is his chosen one. Arashi interrogates him about this. Sorata explains when he was a kid the hoshimi told him his future. Sorata would be the protector of Kamui; but it is for the woman he would love that he would give his life. And Sorata decided to chose Arashi when he saw her. Arashi changes of conversation and talks about the other seals. Considering that Arashi is the hidden miko of Ise, Sorata is the most powerful monk from Kongobu Shrine and Yuzuriha came from Mitsumine Shrine, Sorata thinks that Subaru Sumeragi must be one of the seven seals. It is at this moment that the woman lightly dressed enters in the conversation. She explains she just left her work to bring a message to Kamui from Tokiko. She reveals she burnt Tokiko’s house at her demand. She introduces herself as Karen Kasumi, one of the seven seals. She tells them to say to Kamui to protect the sacred sword. She must return to her work. Sorata asks her which Shrine she comes from. Karen, amused, tells him that she comes from the Flower, lets Sorata a visit card and leaves them into a flame show. The card reveals that the Flower is a soaplands of Shinjuku.

Kotori Mono and Kamui fall in an illusion created by the Sakurazukamori, Seichiro Sakurazuka. Sorata and Arashi could not enter in it. They must wait. Arashi and Sorata have understood they need the help of Subaru Sumeragi in order to fight the Sakurazukamori. Arashi and Sorata call the Sumeragi family chief to obtain the information about the place where Subaru is. They learn that Subaru is already in Tokyo.



Days past, a new kekkai is destroyed at Nakano. Sorata, Arashi decide to find the dragon of Earth responsible of the destruction of the Sun plaza. Arashi and Sorata make their way to Nakano Sun plaza. Subaru overtakes them. Arashi and Sorata don’t know him; but they suppose he is a dragon. They decide to follow him. Subaru arrives at a Nakano Sun plaza completely destroyed. He finds Seichiro who is happy to see him. Arashi and Sorata are not so far from them. A discussion begins until Subaru decides to create a kekkai in order to realize his wish. A fight begins. Arashi and Sorata understand the fighters are onmyoji; so the Dragons of Earth is Seichiro Sakurazukamori and the dragon of Heaven is Subaru Sumeragi. The fight is intense and none of the fighters can take an advantage over his opponent. Seichiro uses a spell to disappear. Arashi and Sorata try to find him because no one could escape from a kekkai. But Subaru doesn’t want to fight anymore and cancels his kekkai. He confirms he is Subaru Sumeragi to Sorata and Arashi.



The progression of the destiny continues. Tokiko sacrificed herself in order to give birth to the second sacred sword. After killing his sister, Fuma Mono wants to kill Kamui. Fuma tries to retire the sacred sword. But Kakyo Kuzuki takes possession of Kotori’s corpse and stops him. Arashi, Sorata, Yuzuriha, Inuki, Subaru, Seiichiro and Daisuke arrive and see this awful scene. Fuma dismembers his sister and runs away without the sacred sword. Kamui doesn’t support the situation.

Kotori was buried inside Clamp School. Kamui remembers his old memories in front of Kotori’s grave. Sorata arrives, hugs Kamui and tries to comfort him. The other seals do their appearance, even Karen Kasumi. Karen introduces herself to Kamui. She delivers him Tokiko’s message: to bring the sacred sword at the heart of Clamp School. It is at this moment that Nokoru Imonoyama, Akira Iyuin and Suo Takamura do their appearance. They will show them the emplacement to protect the sacred sword. They go and Kamui seals the sacred sword.



Three month had past since the seal of the sacred sword, but Kamui still has nightmare about the events happened after his return. Kamui lives with Sorata, Arashi and Yuzuriha. They go to Clamp School. Arashi and Sorata are worried about Kamui, but they are also wondering about the non activity of the seven angels.

Kamui explains to Sorata that he is invited by a classmate. Sorata is happy Kamui sees persons who are not concerned by the “jour de la Promesse”. Sunshine 60 is attacked. Subaru and Kamui intervene. Kamui cannot do anything whereas Subaru is wounded. Kamui is tired to be useless. He cannot protect correctly Subaru. Sorata, worried about Kamui, goes to his room to see him. He comforts him and succeeds to make him win back his trust in himself.

Shinjuku is attacked. Sorata and Arashi do their appearance. Sorata tries to create a kekkai. But it is too late; Shinjuku’s buildings are destroying by Beast. Moreover Yuzuriha disappeared.



At the Clamp School, Arashi and Sorata discuss about the next target of the dragons of Earth. Sorata changes the conversation and does a declaration of love to Arashi. He doesn’t know her feelings; but he knows she appreciates him. Only the appearance of Nokoru, Akira and Suo permit Arashi to dodge to answer. Nokoru reveals they have probabilities about the future target.

Even if they are worried about Yuzuriha, Sorata jokes with Kamui and Arashi. Yuzuriha comes back and explains them everything. Yuzuriha, Kamui, Arashi and Sorata go to the Diet Building to see Hinoto. Yuzuriha tries to introduce the new Inuki; but the inugami barks at her. Yuzuriha, Sorata and Arashi don’t understand whereas Kamui thinks it confirms there is something wrong with Hinoto. Hinoto reveals the next target: Yasukuni Shrine. Arrived there, Sorata creates a kekkai despairing Kamui who cannot create one.

Arashi, Yuzuriha, Sorata and Kamui are worried to not see any angels when they feel the creation of a kekkai. Kamui decides to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Sorata advises him to go with someone. So Arashi and Kamui go to rescue Subaru whereas Yuzuriha and Sorata stay at the Yasukuni Shrine. They arrive too late; the kekkai is destroyed and Subaru is wounded.

Arashi and Sorata visit Subaru at the hospital. Kamui is already here. Subaru lost his right eye. Kamui apologizes to not rescue Subaru sooner. Subaru reassures him telling him that is what he wants. Indeed he wants to look like Seichiro. Sorata promises to Subaru to protect Kamui.

Even if it isn’t a moment to joke, Sorata continues to tease Arashi. Nokoru put the conversation in a serious way. He explains that it is impossible to know the next target; because if they go to a kekkai, Fuma will learn by the intermediary of his Yumemi and will attack another one. Sorata to separate in three groups of two: Arashi / Yuzuriha, Sorata / Kamui, Karen / Seiichiro. Kakyo learns that through his dream and tells Fuma that the dragons of Heaven will go at Inokashira and Ginza.



Kamui and Sorata go at Ginza whereas Yuzuriha and Arashi go at Inokashira. Arashi creates a kekkai around Inogashira. Kamui and Sorata feel it. Beast attacks Yuzuriha and Arashi. They dodge each attack. But Yuzuriha stumbles and Beast continues to attack her. At this moment Inuki transforms itself in a huge shield in order to protect Yuzuriha. Then it transforms itself in a sword which permits to Yuzuriha to attack electrical cables.

Satsuki let Beast finish the work whereas she goes with Yuto Kigai. Beast launches a huge attack in order to achieve Arashi. But a gohodoji appears and receives the attack instead. Kamui arrives with a badly wounded Sorata. Arashi understands that the Gohodoji belongs to Sorata. Arashi doesn’t support this scene. Sorata is happy to see Arashi healthy. Kamui requires Arashi to cancel her kekkai in order to help Sorata.



Sorata is hospitalized at Clamp School. Arashi stays at Sorata’s bedside. Sorata jokes again. Arashi doesn’t appreciate that. He was very lucky to survive. Sorata answers that he accepts his broken ribs, his crushed organs and the loss of his right hand because she is his chosen one. Arashi cries he doesn’t considerate her feelings. Sorata apologizes of that and he understands he is just a seal for her. Arashi tells him he’s wrong. She has feelings for him. Sorata is glad to hear that, hugs her and kisses her.



Arashi wakes up in Sorata’s bed, happy but worried also. Arashi leaves the dragons of Heaven because she lost her powers. Indeed, a miko must be virgin to keep her powers. She decides to leave in order to protect Sorata. She decides to have a talk with Hinoto in order to know what to do. She arrives and tells her everything. But it is the dark Hinoto who listens to her. She launches a spell and transports Arashi into a parallel dimension where she will become a dragon of Earth.

Powers and Abilities


High Jump

Since Arashi has above human abilities, as well as magical powers, she is capable of making leaps which are seen as impossible. She is able to do these jumps with amazing speed and accuracy, and may sometimes seem to just appear out of nowhere.

Kakushi Miko

Arashi’s experience as a Miko allows her the ability to summon a deadly sword from her hand, allowing it to appear very quickly. This sword is capable of channeling Arashi’s energy, allowing her to create amazing explosions with it. However, after she lost her virginity to Sorata, she lost the ability to summon her weapon.


Arashi, like all other seals, is capable of making another dimension called a Kekkai which guards the outside world from any damage, and can only be entered by people involved in the Jour de la Promesse.


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