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    Aramaki is the head of an elite unit of anti-crime/anti-terrorism operatives in Public Security Section 9. He is fiercely loyal to his team, and has been known to put his career on the line for them.

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    Daisuke Aramaki was created by renowned manga scribe, Masamune Shirow, the creator of the Ghost in the Shell series.


    Lt. Col. Aramaki is the Chief of Public Security Section 9, a position he holds with strict dedication. He is also fiercely loyal to the members of the squad under his command and has shown himself willing to do whatever he can to ensure the survival of the team. For instance, he has on more than one occasion used his political connections to the Japanese Prime Minister, at the risk of loosing his job, to get Section 9 reinstated after scandal or defeat.

    The Chief seems to have the greatest confidence in Motoko Kusanagi's abilities out of the members of Section 9, and often has her accompany him on official appearances. Aramaki is also (along with Togusa) the only fully human member of the team aside from a partial cyberbrain.


    Chief Aramaki is the one responsible for putting Section 9 together in order to handle special criminal situations involving, among other things, cyber-crimes. He recruited each of Section 9's operatives based on the unique abilities and characteristics they bring to the team. He is known as a sly and shrewd player who has been in the intelligence business for a considerably long time. He seems to have plans for nearly every situation and will go head to head against politicians if he belives his cause is right. He also seems to be well aware of the government corruption above him.

    Daisuke Aramaki is sometimes referred to by operatives in Section 9 as the "old ape". This is a reference to his earlier appearances in the manga where he appeared looking somewhat simian.

    Aramaki has a brother, named Yousuke Aramaki, who later reappears after having been missing for some time. Aramaki is also estranged from his mentor, Colonel Tonoda, whom he helped to put in prison. At one point during the anime series a colleague asks him "how are the grandchildren" upon meeting him. It is unclear at this point if Aramaki has children (or grandchildren by extension), or if this comment was simply a password. What is certain is that there is more to Aramaki's personal life than has been so far revealed as he keeps most of it to himself.


    Aramaki's physical appearance in both the manga and anime series is intentionally similar to that of the character "Dusty the coffin maker" from the 1968 Spaghetti Western If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death. It is believed this was done in homage.


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