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    Becky Ryan, or Aralune, is the shapeshifting member of the Order.

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    A former Little Ms Texas at age eight, Becky Ryan was Two Time Tiny Junior Ms Ll'L America and Teenager of the year many times and even became a recording artist. Becky had been programmed with how to behave her whole life. Everything from Becky's childhood was due to her father wanting to see his daughter become a star, not because she wanted it herself. Becky's father also forged documents claiming Becky to be a year younger than her actual age. Her secret came to light due in large part of a sex tape Becky made. Thus Becky has lost many of the titles she formally held.   


    Aralune was created by Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson in 2007 and first appeared in The Order # 1.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Joining the Order

    Becky in the water
    Becky in the water

    Feeling unfulfilled in her life, when she heard about the 50-State Initiative and the opportunity to become a super hero, Becky volunteered to join the Order, California's team. Through a process involving a viral genomech payload developed by Hank Pym, Becky Ryan was given the power to shapeshift and took the name Aralune. All of Becky's teammates where actually normal humans powered in the same way as Becky was. The effects of the powers would however only last for about a year. After that, the team would have to find new recruits and Becky would have to find other work. The team had a massive Public Relations campaign and soon became great heroes. Most of Becky's initial teammates however where fired when they where caught on camera at a strip-club celebrating their victory over a defeated villain. New rectuits came witch became the main team. It however did not last long. Due to internal conflicts and the deaths of two of Becky's teammates, the group quitily dropped to the background.

    Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt

    Commander Steve Rogers informs Prodigy of the unknown meteors that have fallen from the heavens and mass panic is on the horizon. Rogers asks Prodigy to gather heroes on a volunteer basis to help keep the peace and lead a new Initiative where there is no forced conscription or registration. Prodigy agrees to become the leader of the new Initiative and most of the former Initiative members including Aralune gather in Washington DC.

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