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    Araki was Lord Chamberlain of the Shi'ar Imperium, one amongst many in a clone sequence loyal to the empirical bloodline line. His latest iteration grudgingly served under the rule of Lilandra, preferring the rule of the late D'Ken. He was killed by Gladiator during the latest Kree-Shi'ar war.

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    Araki is the Lord Chamberlain (de facto Prime Minister) of the Shi'ar Empire. When D'Ken was driven insane, Araki convinced the High Council to allow Lilandra to succeed to the throne. This was established in a flashback in "X-Men" vol. 1 #109 (February, 1978). He took part in her proclamation ceremony in #122 (June, 1979), He attended the first state ball of the new Empress in #125 (September, 1979).

    Araki took part in the Dark Phoenix saga. In #135 (July, 1980), he notified Lilandra of Dark Phoenix assaulting a Shi'ar start-cruiser. The two could only witness as Captain Juber and his ship were annihilated. In #136 (August, 1980), Araki called the meeting of ministers which reached a death sentence for Dark Phoenix. In #137 (September, 1980), Araki stood beside Lilandra as she took measures for the death of Dark Phoenix.

    In #154 (February, 1982), the Grand Council was attacked by an unknown commando force. Lilandra was abducted and most ministers were slaughtered. Araki survived. He co-led a rescue operation with Lord Samedar, Grand Admiral of the Shi'ar fleet. They traced the trail of the abductors to Earth and were prepared to go at any lengths to recover Lilandra, including destroying the planet. In #155 (March, 1982), Araki had Corsair, Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm, Professor X, Kitty Pryde and Wolverine teleported to his dreadnought and informed them on the situation. He wanted to have Professor X locate Lilandra telepathically. Araki gave the X-Men 24 hours to locate Lilandra. He would then launch an invasion of the planet in an effort to find Lilandra. Not completely trusting the X-Men, he decided to keep Nightcrawler and Pryde as hostages. Unknown to Araki this was all part of a plan by Deathbird and Samedar. In #157 (May, 1982), Samedar was revealed to have slain Araki behind-the-scenes.

    According to X-Men vol. 2 #133 (December, 2002), there was a succession of Arakis nearly identical to each other. The Araki introduced by Grant Morrison was identified as Araki 6. They are presumed t be clones of each other. Araki 6 somehow seems to have the memories of his predecessors. In #124 (May, 2002), Araki transferred Lilandra's commands for the executions of Cyclops and Xorn. The order was not carried out as the prisoners escaped. In #126 (June, 2002), Araki managed to flee Cassandra Nova's attack alongside Lilandra. In #133, he declared the marriage of Lilandra and Professor X annuled. He also vacated all Shi'ar from Earth, citing mutants having reached "toxic levels of agression". He claimed the Phoenix was hatching as nature's way to face mutantkind.

    In "Uncanny X-Men" #481 (February, 2007), Araki used a hand-blaster to kill Karanda, Lilandra's hand-maiden, and knocked out Lilandra herself. He planned to restore the Empire to true greatness. In a flash-back in #483 (April, 2007), it was explained that Araki had allied with Deathbird and Vulcan. Vulcan had managed to restore D'ken to sanity and Araki was glad to restore the former Emperor to his throne. In #482 (March, 2007), Araki announced the awakening of D'Ken to a group of supporters. In the present portion #483, he stood beside D'Ken, Deathbird and Vulcan in front of their supporters. In #485 (June, 2007), Araki informed D'Ken of General Ka'ardum recruiting further support for Lilandra's faction of the Shi'ar. He took part in the wedding of Deathbird and Vulcan and witnessed Vulcan killing his new brother-in-law.

    In "X-Men: Emperor Vulcan" #1 (November, 2007), Araki served Vulcan but evidently holds little affection for his Emperor. He informed Vulcan about his actual unpopularity among his subjects. Deathbird punished him by slashing his face. In #2 (December, 2007), Vulcan and Gladiator found refuge from Scy'ar Tal attacks on Araki's ship. In #3 (January, 2008), it was revealed that the Shi'ar Death Commandos are Araki's private guard. Marvel Girl/Rachel Grey deduced that Araki was behind the systematic extermination of the Greys and almost broke a truce by attacking him. Rachel accused him of leading the Secret Order which led many shadowy operations against Lilandra's rule. Araki is a member of the Order but neither confirmed nor denied being its leader. He was rescued by Polaris. In #4 (February, 2008), with the truce continuing, Araki joined Lilandra and Ka'ardum on a ship, coordinating an attack on the Scy'ar Tal. He countered Lilandra's accusations of having betrayed her with his own acccusations of her being a weak Empress in the first place. In #5 (March, 2008), he witnessed the victory of the Shi'ar over the Scy'ar Tal. He was pleased to see Ka'ardum defecting to his side. He later joined Vulcan and Deathbird in celebration of their victory.

    Some time after the Shi'ar invasion of Kree space, Araki is left behind on Chandrilar to oversee homeworld matters while Vulcan is at the war front. He is present when Lilandra attempts to stage her political coup, and he tries to resist her. When he fails, he exults when during a crowded confrontation between pro and anti-Vulcan demonstrators, the Death Commandos arrive to quell the uprising. The ex-praetor Gladiator berserks after Lilandra is killed in the ensuing clash, and after killing every Vulcan-loyal soldier and Death Commando in his way, then brutally slays Araki (though this happens off-panel).

    in "War of Kings: Who Will Rule?" #1 (November, 2009), A new sequence cloned from the genetic source was made out to be a youthful female this time around. So as to not further provoke the imperial stand in Gladiator while he manned ruler-ship over the Shi'ar throne till the death of Emperor Vulcan could be confirmed. This new Araki Sequence was eager to serve the current principality in order to make up for the misguided actions of her predecessor, but was somewhat bitter at the Earther's due to both her's and the Kree peoples monarchy being commandeered by their like. Something she made evident when Kallark corrected her stance of Havok being a criminal starjammer when he came to visit him. Something the former took notice of and offered some friendly advice, matched with a subtle warning of what happened to the last Chancellor who crossed him and endangered the empire. To which she meekly acknowledged with a whimper before attending funeral of the late Lilandra Neramani. Unknown to everyone involved at the time, this new Araki had in truth been replaced and kept in stasis by the treacherous Raptor Android; Shir Ydrn Talonis. Whom, while the rest of the imperial guard had been spelunking around within the tear in space known as The Fault, had secretly been detaining the real chancellor in secret. Conditioning the proxy's mind and mannerisms through use of the Datasong which all amongst the Fraternity of Raptors make use of as a radiotelepathic hive mind.

    During Realm of Kings as the Thanos Imperative was underway, Araki continued her duty's as royal adviser to imperial majestor Gladiator. Once welcoming the Knowhere consulate Cosmo in to petition the Emperor in service to aiding the Kree against Blastarr and his invading armies.

    Powers and Abilities

    Araki has the powers of an average Shi'ar. He has superhuman strength, able to lift c. 1 ton. However his endurance is twenty times that of an average human. He has great political clout and experience, wielding great internal and underhanded influence over Shi'ar imperial matters.


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