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Brief History

Arachnoman is a character that was made by Marvel Comics for legal reasons. The first Spider-man movie was just about to show, and the creators of the Ultimate Spider-man comic thought it would be cool to have Tobey Maguire (the actor who played Peter Parker/ Spider-man in the movies) star in the Ultimate Spider-man comic. Because there was uncertainty about whether or not Marvel was allowed to use the " Movie Spider-man" in a comic. As a result the Arachnoman was made. After some time Marvel understood they did have the rights to publish the "Movie Spider-man" in their comic and did so. Although, people thought the concept of the Arachnoman was to much fun to pass by. That's why there was also a variant published of this specific comic starring the Arachnoman. His first and only appearance is in Ultimate Spider-man 54, the Arachnoman variant.


Ultimate Spider-Man Video Game

Advertizing to a film of an Adventure of Arachnoman
Advertizing to a film of an Adventure of Arachnoman

In the Ultimate Spider-Man Video Game an alternative suit, namely that of the Arachnoman can be found and there can also be found a poster with the advertising of a film with its participation.

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