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Arachnid Species

Warrior Bugs: Most commonly seen species, they are the soldiers of the arachnids and live one=ly to kill.

Hopper Bugs: Similars to warriors but able to fly and shoot projectile stingers.

Tanker Bugs: Large bugs, very durable, can spit a fiery acid spray,

Plasma Bugs: Similar to Tankers in size, capable of firing Plasma energy blasts from their anus. Used to fight landing ships.

Rock Bugs: Small (by Arachnid standards, but still pretty large) that dwell on rock faces, known to sabotage climbing troops sending them falling to their death.

Control Bugs: The most sinister species of Arachnid, the way they live is horrific, Control bugs breed inside the body of their victim and the first control bug to infecr a host attaches to the brain stem and controls the actions of it's victim. The Control bug's offspring devour the innards of the host until the host body completely falls apart,

Brain Bug: Usually the leader of the bugs

Queen Bug: Leader of even the Brain Bugs

Mother of All Brains: Leader of all Bugs,


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