Character » Arachnid appears in 16 issues.

    A cannibalistic mutant who due to his painful Mutation has been left mentally weak and possessing spiderlike qualities.

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    The mutant known as Arachnid first appeared during the early days of the Dragon’s police career. While it is unknown when he was born, legends of a cannibalistic freak living in the sewers of Chicago had drifted through to the authorities and the Dragon was sent in to investigate.


    Arachnid created by Erik Larsen

    Character Evolution

    Image Universe

    Arachnid (Image Universe)
    Arachnid (Image Universe)

    Years of feeding on homeless people and children had left Arachnid very slow-moving and he was unable to put up much of a threat to Dragon. After a brief battle, the killer was arrested to answer for his multiple murders.

    Savage World Universe

    Arachnid (Savage World)
    Arachnid (Savage World)

    Due to various global disasters, Arachnid regained his freedom and whilst prowling for his latest meal, the villain mistakenly broke into the home of Jennifer Murphy. He abducted her daughter, Angel, but before he could escape, Dragon got involved. Jennifer and he soon caught up with Arachnid and sent him fleeing after receiving a powerful punch from Jennifer.

    Major Story Arcs

    Savage World Universe

    A Spider's Web

    Years later, The President of the United States rewarded Dragon for his good service to the country by allowing the Dragon family use of a vacation home owned by the President. When Dragon and his family arrived at the house they discovered Arachnid in the basement waiting for the unsuspecting victims. Arachnid attempted to feast upon Angel Dragon once more. But the sight of Jennifer Dragon sent him fleeing, unaware that she had lost her powers since their previous encounter. It was later revealed that the President was actually a super villain, known as Imposter, in disguise.

    Powers & Abilities

    Super Strength

    Arachnid has incredible strength


    His primary ability is to generate strong adhesive webbing from his wrists.

    Other Versions

    Ultimate Arachnid

    Ultimate Arachnid (Savage World)
    Ultimate Arachnid (Savage World)

    The Ultimate Arachnid is from the Savage World Universe. He is one of creations of the Creator’s creations, he was a member of Creator's superhuman group The Homages. The Ultimate Arachnid key different from Arachnid is that he wear glasses and has hair. When Dragon stumbled across this group of freaks while being given a tour of the under-construction Chicago, following the fall of CyberFace. In the resulting fight, Ultimate Arachnid and his companions were all killed while protecting the Creator from his own falling headquarters.

    Other Media


    Savage Dragon animation show

    Arachnid appeared in several episodes of Savage Dragon animation show.


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