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    Arachne is a human woman from Greek mythology who was turned into the first spider after she defeated Athena in a weaving competition.

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    Arachne was an amazing mortal weaver that boasted she was more talented and skilled than the goddess of wisdom and crafts, Athena. A weaving contest was set between the mortal and the goddess. Athena was so jealous of the mortal's woven tapestry that she destroyed her worked and transformed her into a spider.


    Arachne is a character from greek mythology.

    Major Story Arcs

    Assault On New Olympus

    Arachne is part of the Olympus Group pantheon of gods assembled by the goddess Hera, and lead by the warlord Ares. They fought against Hercules and his colleagues in the New Avengers. During their fight, Arachne battled against Spider-Man.

    Powers & Abilities

    Arachne is half human and half spider with enhanced speed, strength and agility. Arachne could also shoot web from the palm of her hands or from the rear in her abdomen and was fast enough to weave nets out of her own webbing to snare and snag opponents.


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