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    Aracely is a young Mexican girl whom Scarlet Spider saved from a shipping container.

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    Brief History

    Aracely is supposedly the host to Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec God of War. She is the sole survivor of a human trafficking operation. She was saved from a container filled with dead bodies of immigrants by the new Scarlet Spider.

    The Salamander later began hunting her down in an attempt to kill her and was opposed by her "guardian" the Scarlet Spider.


    When Kaine is hired by the assassins guild to kill Wolverine, Aracely comes along with him. Donning a costume and calling herself "Hummingbird" she uses her abilities to infiltrate the Jean Grey School and even take out quite a few of the mutants herself.

    Powers and Abilities

    Aracely seems to have the ability to sense other people's emotions even from long distances. She has also demonstrated the ability to induce fear in other people, even telepaths and characters such as Kitty Pryde. She has a very strong psychic presence that caused Rachel Grey, young Jean Grey, and Kid Omega to writhe in pain.

    Her powers have yet to be explained but she seems to be a very powerful telepath.

    She also have the ability to fly. And when she tapped to her godly powers, she was able to project fire from her hands.


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