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The Arabian Knights are a team of superhuman heroes in a fantastical Arabesque alternate reality of magic and adventure. For the run of the original 1960s Hanna Barbera series, the Arabrian Knights fought Vangar, the military commander under Ba'kar the Conqueror, an invader who appeared to have taken over the entire Middle East, including Persia, the various Arabic nations, and Turkey, though few real world locations were named other than Baghdad. Refreshingly for its time, the female lead Princess Nida never needed to be rescued any more often than did the male lead, Prince Turhan.

The two primary leaders of the Knights are:

Prince Turhan, hereditary monarch of Baghdad likely in his teens or early twenties, idealistic leader, and possessed of superhuman agility and superhuman leaping abilities.

Princess Nida, Turhan's cousin, also likely in her teens or early twenties and just as idealistic and talented a leader as Turhan, possessed of superhuman powers of disguise that include changes in her height, mass, and voice.

Unlike Prince Turhan and Princess Nida, the rest of the Arabian Knights are clearly into their adulthood, more emotionally mature and noticeably more experienced in the ways of the world. Their relationship with the two young cousins is more of an avuncular nature.

The rest of the Knights consist of:

Fariek the Magician, a good-natured wizard or sorcerer whose magical powers are dependent upon his ability to gesture, recite magical words, and see what he is doing, so his powers can be disrupted by tying up his hands, interrupting him or otherwise silencing his recitations, or pulling his headgear over his eyes so he can not see.

Raseem the Strong, a gruff but jocular giant of a man, possessed of superhuman strength great enough to enable him to push down a three story wall and to hurl human-sized boulders.

Bez the Beast, a well-educated wanderer with a genuine desire to help others, possessed of the superhuman ability to change into any animal he can imagine, including gigantic versions of ordinary creatures such as when he turned into a giant mole.

Zazuum, Raseem's donkey animal compassion with an intelligence bordering on human, possessed of the bizarre superhuman (superasinine?) ability to begin spinning like a top but with a rotation speed similar to that of a whirlwind or tornado, to the point that lightning bolts will arc over his rotating form, knocking aside whatever is in his path and often crumbling stone walls that are in his way. Zazuum's power activates only if someone pulls his tail, an event which occurs frequently.

The animated TV series ended before Prince Turhan was able to oust Ba'kar and reclaim his throne as liege of Baghdad.


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