Arabian Knight (Hashim)

    Character » Arabian Knight (Hashim) appears in 32 issues.

    Navid Hashim is an Israeli-born Arab who works for Saudi Arabia and is known as the Arabian Knight.

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    This is the second Marvel character to take the name Arabian Knight, for the first see: Arabian Knight (Qamar)


    Having been given Qamar's equipment by the Saudi government, who had confiscated it upon Qamar's death, Navid Hashim turned the carpet used by the first Arabian Knight into an indestructible uniform that serves as an armor which protects him from harm and allows him to fly.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hulk of Arabia

    Navid watches via night vision goggles, The Secret Avengers , battle the Red Hulk in the Qatar. He is soon detected by War Machine's sensors, who believes Navid nothing more then a reporter trying to get a scoop. When War Machine attempts to confront Navid, Navid uses his magical sword and disables War Machines armor. Valkyrie and Black Widow come to War Machine's aide, but they are little match for Navid, and his magical sword. The fight is broken up when Captain America shows up and explains that he sent the Secret Avengers and if Navid would come with them he's explain how they could help each other.

    Navid agrees and back on the Royal Frigate, the Al Mazzan. Steve explains to Red Hulk, Navid and the Secret Avengers that everyone is looking for the same man, Dagan Shah, the man who has been supplying rebels with small but deadly rockets. Rodgers asks that Navid back off while the Arab League discusses what to do about Dagan, but Navid feels he can't wait and flies to Sharzhad to deal with Dagan himself.

    When Navid gets to Sharzhad he is captured and Dagan uses his powers to steal Navid's memories and Navid's form. He then encases Navid in a crystal until the Red Hulk is able to free him some time later.

    Navid is weak from the memory stealing and the crystal so he remains behind while Red Hulk and Machine Man take on Dagan.

    Navid recovers and arrives in time to use his magic sword to cut off Dagan's arms. Dagan is still able to fight and reattach his arms. During the battle Navid disappears and Red Hulk is forced to deal with Dagan on his own.


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