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Abdul Qamar, the first Arabian Knight, was a descendant of a legendary Muslim hero who perished forcing the demons Gog and Magog back into their tomb. When the demons were freed by an archeologist, Abdul found his ancestor's magical equipment inside the tomb, and became the Arabian Knight, once again sealing away the demons with help from the Incredible Hulk.


Arabian Knight was created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #250.

Major Story Arcs

The Contest

Arabian Knight was one of the heroes chosen by Death to represent her in the Contest of Champions against the Grandmaster, his teammates being Iron Man and Sabra. He overcame his dislike of the Israeli heroine to win their battle against She-Hulk, Captain Britain and Defensor.

Kings of Pain

The Arabian Knight was later revealed to be an agent of the clandestine international group The Pantheon. Posing as a member of the terrorist organization Desert Sword, he fought against Freedom Force. The Knight left the Pantheon following a disagreement with Achilles.

Humus Sapien

Abdul died when Humus Sapien, a powerful mutant whose abilities are powered by the random draining of life from a large number of people, drained him of his life force.

Powers and Abilities

Arabian Knight possesses a magic carpet which he can ride as well as a magic sash which provides invulnerability to his person. He weilds a magical scimitar that can cut through anything as well as fire blasts.


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