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    An aquatic hero of Earth 2, who was locked away beneath Arkham Asylum by the World Army.

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    Aquawoman (Queen Marella of Atlantis) was held in stasis by the World Army in their Gotham fortress. When Kal-L attacked the base the Batman of Earth-2 took the opportunity to free her.


    Marella was created by Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott. Her first appearance was in Earth 2 #18 (December 2013).

    Major Story Arcs

    Earth 2

    Marella is freed by Batman of Earth 2, after being captured by the World Army. She helps Batman's team escape and promises to help if they need her in the future. She leaves to return back to her people in Atlantis. She is currently involved in the events of Earth 2 World's Ends, where she helps fight the evil New God Bedlam.

    She also dislikes the name "Aquawoman" (which Jimmy Olsen keeps calling her as a continuing joke between them).

    Powers and Abilities

    Aquawoman possesses some abilities common to Earth 1 Atlanteans as well as Xebelians.

    Superhuman Strength

    Marella has been shown as strong enough to casually punch through the floor of a secure military facility . The extent of her super strength is unknown, but as an Atlantean of royal blood, she is likely able to lift/press at least 30 tons.

    Superhuman Durability / Stamina

    Marella possesses a great degree of superhuman durability. She was unfazed by an enormous energy blast from an energy cannon and she was also unharmed after being punched through the roof of a building by the New God Bedlam. She also possesses superhuman stamina, as she was able to swim from Amazonia to Atlantis under her own power.

    Underwater Adaptation

    She can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep, like Earth 1 Atlanteans.

    Enhanced Senses

    Aquawoman has shown the ability to see normally even at the bottom of the ocean. She can also sense the changes in the waves.

    Water Control

    Aquawoman possesses aquakinesis on a massive scale. She has total control over water and can seemingly perform any task with it. She can create enormous tidal waves, manipulate the water in someone's body, control the moisture in the air or even solidify water in whatever shape she wants. Aquawoman can even perform feats that powerful water manipulators haven't done yet such as controlling the liquid molecules in a New God's brain or creating and manipulating a tidal wave in the clouds, using the moisture of the clouds.

    Skilled Warrior / Leader

    Marella is the battle tested and experienced leader of Atlantis. She leads Atlantis both in times of peace as the Queen or at war from the front lines donning her battle gear. She is also a tactical thinker figuring out the way to take out Bedlam, utilizing the skills of her team.


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