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    Aquarus was the king of Atlantis and a member of the Guardians of the Globe.

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    Aquarus was the monarch of Atlantis, the undersea home of his semi-humanoid race. While the true origins of his race are unknown, Aquarus and his queen ruled the undersea kingdom for many year both during times of dynamic and tumultuous eras. With their aid, their people developed matter transportation technology that allowed them to vanquish Depth Dwellers and establish contact with the surface world. Eventually, he joined the Guardians of the Globe as a peace keeper and a representative for his people as he served with his fellow heroes. Aquarus didn't get much face time in Invincible before he was killed by Omni-Man. He was a bipedal fish and the Guardians of the Globe's Aquaman-type character. He got more story after his death than while he was alive. After his murder, Invincible almost had to marry his wife. Atlantean custom demanded that they be wed since Invincible's father had killed Aquarus. The marriage never took place and a new Aquarus was chosen known as Lethan.

    Lethan served as Aquarus without the warrior tone of his predecessor until the Octoboss tried to take over Atlantis. Using some tricks, the Guardians of the Globe were able to keep Lethan in power as monarch and has since kept a large distance from his in-hap hero.

    Powers & Abilities

    Aquarus could breathe easily underwater, as it was his natural habitat. He could also go on land without any breathing (or any other life-threatening difficulties), and was inferred to be skilled in some forms of weaponry, as he wielded a Trident.


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