"Aquaman/Justice League" Throne of Atlantis

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    Crossover event between Geoff Johns' Justice League and Aquaman books, which sees the Justice League battle the forces of Atlantis.

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    Throne of Atlantis takes place between The New 52 titles, Justice League and Aquaman, both written by Geoff Johns. The crossover also sees the beginning of two new artists' run on the separate titles with Ivan Reis illustrating Justice League and Paul Pelletier illustrating Aquaman.

    Plot Summary

    When a US Navy missile drill goes wrong for unknown reasons, sending multiple missiles into the ocean, striking Atlantis, their king Ocean Master takes it as a declaration of war, and initiates ocean to surface war tactics that both he and his brother, Aquaman wrote up years ago. Atlantis sends giant title waves through many costal cities including Gotham City, Metropolis and Boston, planning to invade and eventually sink the city hit the hardest. When Ocean Master surfaces in Boston, it is up to Aquaman and the Justice League to end his attack on the surface world.

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