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    Starring: Arthur Curry as Aquaman and Tempest.

    The King of the Seas stars in his very own series written by the legendary Peter David (SUPERGIRL, HULK). Whether on land or in the sea, Aquaman battles against foes with a whole-new look and a whole-new status quo!

    Peter David begins this new series with a bang. Based on the Atlantis Chronicles and Aquaman Year 1, we know that Aquaman continued documenting events where his mom Atlanna left off. Aquaman's origin has been changed. His mom Atlanna was a queen of Atlantis and since her husband King Trevor was impotent, the wizard Atlan came to Atlanna in a dream and she willingly submitted to him and she had a child. So the wizard Atlan is Aquaman's Father and he becomes Aqualad's mentor. Issue 1 starts off with a new villain Charybdis who steals Aquaman's Telepathic powers and Aquaman's left hand is chewed to the bone by piranha. Aquaman has a new bearded look as well. Dolphin becomes a regular in the series. Aquaman 0 has The Sea King with a hook where his hand used to be. Issues 3 and 4 has Superboy and Lobo as guest stars respectively. Then in issue 5 there is another twist. In Time and Tide, Aquaman had relations with an Inuit girl named Kako. At the end of issue 5, we find out that her son Koryak is Aquaman's son too. From issue 5, Aqualad split with Aquaman, trying to find a woman who looks like Tula. While Aquaman, Koryak (who has repressed anger toward his father) and Dolphin battle Darkseid's Deep Six. Kako's fate changes during the battle with the Deep Six and she becomes a fire elemental known as Corona by issue 8. She remains that so she may form a sisterhood and balance with Naiad, the Water Elemental.

    Atlantis is slowly rising from the bottom of the sea and Vulko and other scientists are looking into this. Issue 9 showcases the villain, Deadline and he is hired by Atlantis King Thesily to destroy Aquaman. The Sea King gets a new grappling hook for his arm that is telepathically controlled and can be used in various functions. So this issue showcases Aquaman's ability to perform as a hero outside of his watery realm. Koryak is embraced by the people of Atlantis and he envisions himself ruling one day. King Thesily dies in an attempt to murder Koryak and he refuses to help him as another earthquake shakes Atlantis. By issue 11, Koryak leads the Atlanteans out of Atlantis to seek their destiny, while Aquaman and Dolphin stay back. At the end of issue 11 Aquaman and Dolphin take their relationship to the next level and the issue ends with a surprise guest Mera. Thanatos returns and traps Aquaman and Dolphin in his realm while he goes at with the blue costume as the new Aquaman. He apparently meets his fate at the end of issue 14 at the hands of Major Disaster, in an Underworld Unleashed Crossover. Aquaman finds out that Mera and a boy named AJ have lived in Thanatos' Realm. AJ cannot exist in this realm without severe aging. So he has to stay and Mera goes back with him. Mera did say that AJ may be Aquaman's son (they resemble each other).

    The Justice League guests in issue 16 to investigate the threats to the surface world that Aquaman (actually Thanatos) made. They have a great battle with the Sea King and Mera. Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter determine that Aquaman is not a threat and wants to be left alone, so they peaceably leave but agree to monitor future actions of the King of Atlantis. The Posedonians ask King Iqula of Tritonis for passage through their sacred tunnels. Iqula warns of the danger but they don't heed his advice and they become pawns of Kordax (ancient villain of Atlantis)

    Continued in Aquaman Volume 4.

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