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    Living water elemental from Earth-9, who can control any body of water he is in

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    A scientist that due to an experiment turned to a living water elemental and super villain of Earth-9 (the Tangent universe).


    Dr Aquadus was created by Chuck Dixon and Tom Grummett. His first appearance was in Tangent Comics: Secret Six #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Tangent Comics: Secret Six

    Dr Aquadus was a scientist working on a teleportation device that malfunction and fused him the with the waters of a lake. Now a formless mass of living water the scientist became the villainous Aquaman who devised a plan to destroy Earth's moon using the powers of the electromagnetic Eclipsos as the power source for a dangerous weapon. He believed that the destruction of the moon would negate its affect on the tides, making him the master of water. However he was defeated by the Secret Six and the backlash from his weapon dispersed his body into rain.

    Powers & Abilities

    Dr Aquadus possesses some superhuman abilities granted to him after his failed experiment as well as great intelligence and scientific knowledge.

    Underwater Adaptation

    Dr Aquadus can function in any aquatic environment after his transformation to a water elemental.

    Superhuman Speed

    Dr Aquadus can move as a mass of sentient water at speeds of over 100 knots, as shown when he intercepted a team of Sea Devils.

    Water Control

    Dr Aquadus has total control over water. He can grow his body to immense size, form any shape or engulf others. He almost drowned two metahuman members of the Tangent Secret Six and has shown he is able to create multiple vortexes and tidal waves.


    Dr Aquadus was the head of the Svitavy War Science Labs and after that he dedicated is research on teleportation.


    Dr Aquadus is the leader of a group of powerful super villains who follow his lead and orders.


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