Your thoughts on Post Flashpoint Garth?

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Do you like the Post Flashpoint Garth (Tempest)?

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I prefer the Pacifist Smart remarks Garth aka Pre-Flashpoint but I'm open to a new take on the character.

Regardless it's nice to see alot of his powers remained though I just noticed he's missing his face tattoos as of late.

Pre-Flashpoint Garth > Post-Flashpoint Garth in a fight by the way.

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I'm glad Garth back isn't struck with ugly face tattoos, I like new aggressive attitude same time now getting memories back last issue of Titan Hunt start calm down a bit see more his personality and how he thinks etc. the reason why angry first place Dick threw harvest atlantean organs into the sea draw Garth out which make any atlantean angry.

As for the fight between Garth and Donna I really liked it was back and forth and showed how super strong both are, I think the new 52 Garth is stronger more skilled in combat then pre self plus seemed getting better of donna in that fight and ended with him punching her through the beach club still has his energy attack from eyes wonder still mystic magic powers or other abilities with Dan Abnett on Titans hunt and once takes over Aquaman I say Garth good hands.

P.S pick up Titan Hunt its a great book.

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I like how they showcase his powers in Titans Hunt and I liked what I read in Aquaman 49, but apart from that issue not much of his character has been explored.

So far so good, but with Rebirth coming, I'm more interested in the whole Aquaman Rebirth and what continuity will be restored then, which will also affect Garth.

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@comicfan11: If they do merge continuities it will effect alot of characters they'd probably obviously retcon alot of stuff out.

Tula's death? Hopefully, also keeping her the sister of Orm.

Atlan the Wizard/Atlan the Dead King? I like Atlan as a villain but a combination of both could be cool.

Everything Johns did origin wise for Atlantis and supporting/antagonists characters should stay in continuity.

Bring back more PAD elements though like Curse of Kordax or the Aliens that Spawned Atlantis.

In terms of Garth as Aqualad he should have magical abilities that get expanded on as he becomes Tempest, but should lose the raging buffoon attitude.

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I don't like aliens having anything with the origin of Atlantis. No need to mix two mythologies when one is already a huge one. They can appera as enemies much later but not be important to the origin.

The Kordax stuff is good though and ties to the Altantean mythology well.

And yeah they should keep everything that Johns has done.

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@ecstaticgrace: I completely agree. Our of all the original Titans, Garth was probably the one that was arguably the softest. And that's something rare we see in superheroes. The "you surface people, imma killz ya" thing doesn't work for him.

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@blackwind: I'm opposite to you to me Garth in Pre 52 was bit to much soft that came off as pacifist which sometimes lead him be bit of joke in some situations don't get me wrong I don't want 52 Garth be all angry all time that would be annoying so to me I like it if he kept bit of new aggression but he also lighten up bit and and have bit of fun as well.

but to be fair in Titan Hunt both Garth and Donna have been influenced by Mister Twister magic as well loss of memories so of course both going little over angry.

As for powers and abilities liking it so far Abnett showing how strong Garth is and that him and Donna to be equals and the powerhouses of group both from their fight to the double punch on Mammoth also like see going forward more of Garth magic powers we seen purple energy blasts from his eyes like see other elemental magic powers as well others powers in Titan Hunts as well upcoming Titans and Aquaman.

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@blackwind: @zoch81: Garth is from a Pacifist group of people atleast Pre-Flashpoint he's not "I won't ever resort to violence" he's more violence only if necessary.

I say it often though I don't hold the Post-Flashpoint Universe in a regard that I think characters should act and be identical to their Pre-Flashpoint selves though I did prefer Garth as a talker with a vast potential. The only time he's ever went to extremes was when someone he's cared about was in danger and I prefer that in character.

The way he handled the King Iqula/Koryak situation was honestly one of my favorite scenes Pre-Flashpoint. I would like to see more of his mystical abilities and I think him having mystical abilities as Aqualad instead of Aquaman Jr. powers is a nice touch the New Universe brought in.

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@ecstaticgrace: it had its good moments like you mentioned but to me in my opinion I didn't like how over soft or pacifist he was some situations that pre 52 Garth was in I didn't think did him any favors in my opinion but at same time don't want 52 Garth be angry all time that would also be annoying like I mentioned if he kept bit of new aggression but also lighten up bit and and have bit of fun as well. But like I already said reason both Garth and Donna and other Titans are angry because of Mr Twister and his magic as well loss of memories once thats been dealt with in Titans Hunt they all should all start clam down see more friendship between them.

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@ecstaticgrace: I completely agree. It's not a trait you need too often in male superheroes. And it kind of makes Garth stand out a bit more. As Aqualad, he definitely needed to man up, some. But he got a much needed confidence and power boost when he became Tempest.

I even remember one time he successfully negotiated with the Gordanians, the same face that enslaved Starfire and managed to come to a nonviolent agreement with them in the 1999 Titans book. He really came into his own as Tempest.

As for his powers, I certainly agree they should focus more on his magic rather than his strength. Sure, if he needs to flip a bus over, that's cool. But it'd make him stand out more if he didn't look so similar to Aquaman in a fight.

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@blackwind: That's a really good example of his character that I liked I use that story often to reference why I'm not to fond of Pre-Flashpoint Star fire but it's good point for Garth I think I put it in his respect thread.

It's not the physicals that bother me it's the fact when he was Aqualad he had Telepathy like Aquaman and nothing other then that to separate them. If he's still Atlanteans Royalty to some Split off Nation I'd like for him to be a powerhouse just more focused on magic and less on physicals as you said.

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