Would You Like To See Aquaman's Children Brought Into Mainstream Continuity (Again)?

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Given the popularity of characters like Damian Wayne and Jon Kent, would you like to see Arthur, Jr., or Mareena, or both brought into mainstream continuity (again)?

Personally, I'd just like to see Mareena, since she has an uncommon power set, could create interesting stories for Aquaman, and could add an interesting element to the current tween hero dynamic that DC has right now.

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They need to brought one of the aquasons into mainstream continuity like now, If im not mistaken Aquaman was one of the first mainstream superheroes to be married and be a father, that need to be acknowledged into continuity somehow, and he has at least 4 sons Arthur jr ( Aquababy), A.J, Koryak and Mareena.

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The way the beyond Universe handled Mareena after Futures End not being Mera's child anymore but Ya'Waras' id make Koryak, Mareena's older brother.

If I personally got to pick which one of Aquaman's many kids I wanted to return it would be A.J. I liked his attitude and willingness to protect himself and his mother. Storywise if his origin is kept similar he could be aged at a fast paste. He'd also be probably Atlantis most powerful heir given he'd have both Aquaman and Mera's powers. Bring back the waterbearer and give it to AJ and bam he becomes even more powerful and it branches him out a whole of a lot more.

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Yes. I think that Jr. should have been brought back for the New 52.

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