Without His Trident, Is Aquaman Mid-Tier Or Higher?

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My own personal opinion is I consider him mid tier with or without the trident. Doesn't mean he's useless against high tie though. Still like the character. Tiers are irrelevant to either enjoyment or how good a character is.

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Same levels as thing

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Think he can do things moreso with the trident. Via striking damage. If the Trident was anything like the recent animated movie definitely would say its more of a game changer.

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Those pictures arent mutually exclusive.

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I'd personally consider him an upper-mid tier character, but his trident gives him the capacity to lethally wound high tier characters. Simply having the trident doesn't make him more powerful, it just gives him a tool he can use to be a threat.

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Clearly high tier with the Trident.

Bottom of the high tier without it. He is still much, much faster and more mobile than normal bricks, has planet level telepathy and enhanced senses. Also more skill and strategic sense than most high tier characters like Hulk, Power Girl, etc

Remember he beat Hercules WITHOUT the trident and both times he fought WW were without it also. Also MM underwater.

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#12 Posted by Cream_God (15519 posts) - - Show Bio

Hightier in the same way Thing is

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High tier. Obviously.

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The trident doesn't make the man. The man makes the trident.

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High tier

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It doesn't physically make him any stronger. But it has come in handy for situations where piercing something was necessary. He's roughly at the same level with or without it.

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With or without the Trident he is in the same tier as Superman and Wonder Woman.

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With or without the Trident he is in the same tier as Superman and Wonder Woman.

lol no

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With trident near Supermans level . Without trident he is somewhere near Wonder woman's level

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High tier...just not strongest in that division or versatile...

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High-tier for sure.

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Definitely high tier even without the trident. He's got the strength, speed, degree of invulnerability, durability, endurance, tactical ability, h2h ability, and super senses to outclass most other heroes just based on those abilities alone. The telepathy is one of his most recognized features but it's an add-on with a lot of other abilities. Beyond that, he's also filthy rich like Batman and has access to Atlantean advanced technology and magical artifacts, and he has his own private super-powered army (well, at least depending on whether his rulership is applied or not; that changes pretty often).

Aquaman has squared off against some hefty opponents without the trident. His biggest issue is that Superman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam have most of his abilities as well, and in Superman's case it superior in each aspect so telepathy is still the area in which he typically distinguishes himself but he's demonstrated the other traits more in n52, which is nice, and the strength appears to be far greater than pre-n52 levels.

With the trident he also has another distinguishing feature in it's breaking the unbreakable and cutting the indestructible plus it's used for blocking and increased defense given his lower invulnerability. That is a big boost in itself in offense and defense, but now with the addition traits he's opened up lately like teleportation, ice, and lightning attacks he's clearly a very potent character.

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