Why Has He Never Gained Aquakinetic Abilities In The Comics?

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1. He's had them on at least one of the old cartoons and on Smallville

2. Almost all his sidekicks have them

3. Other heroes like Superman and Flash pick up new Powers all the time

So why?

With DC making Wonder Woman's more sword and ground combat focused to differentiate her from Superman, she seems to be encroaching more on Aquaman's terrestrial combat style.

Has the time come to further differentiate Aquaman's terrestrial combat style from Wonder Woman's, especially since people think she's the more skilled fighter?

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@meanandgreen: Diana is the more skilled fighter by the virtue of it actually being brought up repetitively for her and we only get tidbits of possible combat skill for Arthur.

In regards to hydrokinesis. Waterhand Aquaman had it. Personally I think telepathy and giving his Trident elemental Powers would be the way to branch him out from his colleagues. No member on the JL currently is a telepath or controls the elements so this would give him a versatility he doesn't share with the other leaguers.

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