Where is Atlantis supposed to be located?

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This may be a stupid question (atlantis=atlantic) but I just wanted some clarity on the matter.

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I don't know if they've specified where Atlantis is in the New 52, and I don't think they've ever given a truly clear location as to where it resides, but according to this image from Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis issue 48 it looks to be about half way between the Americas and Europe on about the same Latitude as about New Hampshire or Maine as best as I can tell.

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I think I remember it being in the Pacific.

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In water.

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It depends, sometimes it's in the Marianas Trench and sometimes it's in the Atlantic.

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Atlantis. Atlantic.

Aquaman was raised in Amnesty Bay which is in Maine and in the New 52 OM invaded Boston.

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Just in case for doubt. Atlantic.

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But more importantly is there oil?

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